Belair Academy

In the car with you

is better than eating
it’s better than root beer
it’s better than backflips
it’s better than a
world it’s better
than baseball it’s better
than football it’s better than
being alone it’s
better than cats.

Derrick Stidum

Want a Bit

Rush to the nearest Oceans after the
basketball game. Me and my buddy Vinnie.
He wanted hot hot wings but I wanted
shrimp. When we got there the smell of
sea food and cake hit our noses. From that
moment on we knew we were ready
to eat. The sprinkled Cajun salt on the
shrimp slapped me on the nose the moment
I got it. Even though I wasn’t eating them I
smelled the wings coming out the back onto
the table. I wanted some wings after that
so I asked Vinnie, “Can I get a bite?”

Keyston Key

The Backyard Dancing Spoon

The spoon always
dancing down people’s throats
and choking them to
death. That darn spoon has a
collection of bones in
the backyard.

Jamarcus Brown


If my heart was like a stone you could never drop and break
it. If my skin was like a diamond shiny and bright.
If my feet were like a cloud I would snow on every
broken heart. But my love for everyone is brighter than
the sun.

Steve Austin

If my hatred was like ice

everybody would be cold
and frozen, can’t move,
stuck, unmoveable, solid, steady.
But my hatred is wind
everybody can move around
they can be leaves moving in the wind
flowing, drifting, floating.

Savannah Bowman

Belair Academy
Pine Bluff, AR
Dates of Visit: November 8-9, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Ima Etim
Grade Levels: 7, 8, 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 22
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Joy Clark, Rome Morgan, Gwendolyn Mauroner