Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative

If Blood was ice-cream

If Blood was ice-cream
your veins would be frozen
and you would have to wear
a jacket all the time
and there will not be a
name that’s yours in

Hailey Elaine Burnham


The color of the sunset at
the end of the day glowing in
the countryside. The color of a
squirrel running up a maple tree
at 5:27 A.M. on a Friday morning
out east.

Noah Meadows
Southside Bee Branch

Where I’m From

I’m from small town
small talk, I’m from traditions
and down home cookin’, I’m
from where you grow up and
stay, I’m from briar thickets
and huntin’ and fishin’, I’m
from a place I call home
I’m from where everybody
knows everybody, I’m from
barefoot kids and splinters, I’m
from a family of mostly
dogs, from where fire ants
could eat you alive, that’s
where I’m from.

Emily Ellis
Two Rivers

If a brain was a big toe

If a brain was a big toe
you would have to leave a piece
out of your shoe so your brain
has room to think If your toe
was your brain you would have
to have a doctor cut your
toe nail every few 2 weeks

Randi Presley
Guy Perkins


cutting off its hair
sucking its juicy body
and letting its blood run through my teeth

Kayla Loaeza

I Am From

1. I am from a pecan tree that sways like someone
dancing. 2. I am from blue walls to wake
me every day. 3. I am from toughen
up and stiffen up your upper lip. 4. I
am from two oak trees that taste like dirt.
5. I am from my porch that
sounds like an animal in pain. 6. I am
from the wind that numbs my face.

Rey Castillo
S.C. Tucker


I want to be a cloud
always moving
and watching
I want to be the rain
that travels everywhere, like the dew on your lawn
I want to be a bluebird
soaring through the sky
I want to be the roof
to keep you safe at night
I want to be president, important, key,
firefly, or the remaining darkness at the
bottom of your coffee cup.
I want to be the difference, the change,
the choice that you make.
Make me the unknown.

Lilly Tatum
Danville Middle

You Were Tired

You were tired
when you left
your house that
morning. You did
not see the
man riding his
bike when you
came around the
corner. When he
was thrown beneath
the wheels of
your car you
did not stop.
You kept driving.
You drove until
you had left
the town you
were born in.
You drove until
you could not
recognize what you
saw. In fact,
you drove forever.

Guy Perkins


Having wood burn by fire to keep
you warm. My cousin doing my hair
putting perm on it. Burn the castle
down by the fire breathing dragon. Burns,
when popping fireworks on 4th of July.
Burn, when you set pictures on fire that
used to mean something to you. Burns, when
it’s so hot trees start to catch on
fire. It burns, when knowing you have
disappointed a loved one.

Nakia Smith
Guy Perkins


As I see the shadow move through
the water a chill comes over my body like
if someone were blowing on my neck

as I creeped up beside the flat creature swimming
in the water I knelt down to feed it fish

I put the fish in between my fingers and
slowly lowered my hand in the water as
it hovered over my hand it sucked the fish out
from between my fingers.

I suddenly had a strong happiness for
the stingrays and I wanted to bring one
home with me.

Kinlie Stone
Two Rivers

The ‘Truth’

I’m sorry I
wasn’t there when
your birthday party came
I was lost in the storm,
the rain as cold as ice
My soul began to shiver,
and my skin froze
Thawing in the morning was
my ounce of sunshine
I’m sorry I wasn’t
I stopped by a zoo,
where a whale swallowed me whole
The smell was putrid, like
Voldemort had died
I clung to its tongue,
wary of slipping,
when I finally
escaped, your party was over
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
I ventured into a forest,
where vampires roamed free
Since I became one of
them, the daylight was
no longer appealing
I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
I had to stop and
smell the roses
But they smelled metallic,
like fresh blood, and I had to call the ambulance
But you’re not buying
this, are you?
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
Basketball was better than your cake
And your ‘friends’ that were
there, were simply fakes
So forgive me when I say
I’m glad I was ‘late.’

Maverick Whitlow
Two Rivers

Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 6-7, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Candace Smith
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 116
Visiting Writers: Joy Clark, Victoria Hudson, Samantha Kirby, Claire Pincumbe