Cooper Elementary


A couple years ago I
was heading to Dallas, Texas
and stopped at a gas station.
There was a man in a tuxedo
all dressed up his hair slinged back.
It looked like he was going to
a meeting but at 1:30 in the

Faith Blown

The Fence

Any time I see a fence it
makes me think of the time I stole

Bella Demery


settling, but not anger.
an owl perched on a tree.
a storm cloud, hanging
overhead. dust, making
you sneeze. Athena’s sign,
for warning, making her call.
her gray people rise up, and
perfect the gray owl.
with a smell of sulfur,
a taste of storm.

Tabitha Lantz

The Plant

It’s dark
I’m underground
I’m out of
the ground
leave by leaf
I go.

Izzy Cronin

Headlines of the Day

I am allergic to shorts.
Teddy bears have taken over
the world. People are starting
to fly into space. If you touch
cheese with your hand it will
turn to mud. If you have
hair you have to run for

Gypsy Hicks


It is nice and cold
in the fridge. Then I am taken
out of the cold spot,
I feel bumpiness
on my skin I see
popcorn. I move a lot
then it is dark on my face
I and my brothers
and sisters in the stomach
of a human.

Gypsy Hicks

Weird Things

What is this thing? It looks
Like a rectangle with buttons.
Maybe I should put on these
goggles that say 3-D. I’m tired.
I’ll explore more. Hmm. Ears
that can come off of you.
And… a box with buttons. And also
a yellow crescent with a stem.
What happens when I put the
crescent in the box and put
it to low? It melted.

Gram Jackson


I can write a one thousand
word letter in one second.

Serenity Lane

Poem Book

I want to be able to get one
of my poems in the book. It would be
very cool if famous people would see it.

Madison Arnold

The Secret of Books

Every time I open a book, I
can tell by the first couple
of pages if it will be horrible
or not. All you have to do is read
the first page, if it’s boring
to you then don’t read the

Murphy McGee


The screen loading me waiting on the couch
a game of fun and adventure. A town of work
and mining.


The Secret of Bacon

I started out as a baby
piglet. I started to grow
up but my farmer Mr. Oak
decided to get me in the butcher’s
arms and slice! I’m bacon.
The secret of bacon is to
try and not get eaten.

Jackson Parker

Cooper Elementary
Bella Vista, AR
Dates of Visit: February 23 – 24, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Christina Hallwachs
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 140
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Kirsty Bleyl, Sheena Woods, Vicente Yepez