Brookland Middle School


I can’t sleep.
Because my eyes
can’t close.
I can’t
blink either.
Due to my
my eyes
are as
dry as
cotton, my
vision is
blurry, and also
my eyes are
too big for my
head. I’ve had this
condition since I
was one. Now
I’m thirty-seven.

Brooke Burnside

The Genie and the Bowling Alley

I am tired of saying, what do you want, Master?
I’d rather be on a beach and have a girlfriend.
But I’m stuck here, eating pretzels
and stale popcorn, and rusty water.

Emery Booker

So Much Stopping

There was a stop sign.
I told my mom to stop.
Then there was a stoplight.
My mom stopped.
There was a big stoplight.
My mom stopped as fast as a flash.
We stopped for a long time.
We stopped to sit on the couch.
We stopped to watch TV.
We stopped to take a picture
with Simone Biles.

Kylie Duncan


Nadir sounds like a planet,
it is purple and green.
There are swans and
the best is a fitbit.

The “N” sounds like a blue whale.
The “A” sounds like a brother saying hello.
The “D” sounds like a music beat.
It is an eye.
It is a pirate saying “R!”

Kobe Stout

A Day in the Life of a Bee

The bees are dancing to Megan Lovina.
Some of the bees are moon walking.
All the bees are owls at night.
Bees went back to the future.
The bees broke out of jail.
Most bees learned how to be a ninja.
All the bees ate all the honey.
Bees are in space now.
The bees are attacking again.
The bees traveled in time.

Israel Arreguin

Alternate Names for January

1. Friend of a three toed sloth that moo’s.
2. Time teleporter waiting for snow.
3. There was light coming from a box.
4. Song for bunny.
5. Smell of a Christmas tree.

Linely Beavers

The Black Stone

There is a black stone that you can find
under a tree and next to an apple blossom.
You can find it only
at 12:00 during the night. Sometimes
it is hard to see at night, but
if you ask it something it would glow
gold. If you ask the stone to be
your friend it would turn peach and lead
you to a world with sparkling apple
blossoms and a bright blue sky. It will
then take you home but has to go find
someone else.

Shawn Ball


I think infraction means in the fraction.
The infraction is a maze.
The fraction is three quarters.
The F sounds like faith.
The A sounds like apes.

Xaviar Mata


Kis like kids.
Met like basement.
Kids are in a basement.
Another word like kis is kissing.
So the kids are kissing in the basement.

Hannah McKelvey

The Arm Doesn’t Know It’s An Arm

It wants to be a butterfly instead.
But what the arm’s supposed to do is punch
and whack people with bamboo sticks.
The arm doesn’t have wings so
it can’t fly. Or have any

Jacob Bearden


The hand doesn’t know it’s a hand.
It wants to be a book about a
tiger that wants to be a doctor
in the ER. But he scares
the patients away, so he went back
to the petting zoo.

Canon Bristow

My Silverware

I’ve got yellow, green, and gold silverware.

My pet is an elephant and it
has 40,000,000 silverware cabinets.

My silverware is silver
and you can wear it.

I can ride my silverware.

My silverware sounds like
the ocean and a sound of

Ashlyn Ussery

Family History

My dad climbed a ladder.

My dad fell off the ladder.

I climbed up the ladder.

I fell off the ladder.

My grampaw climbed up the ladder.

Shawn Ball

Brookland Middle School
Brookland, AR
Dates of Visit: April 24 – 25, 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Randy Oxford
Grade Level: 3
Appx. Number Students Served: 175
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Michelle Myers, Megan Downey, Molly Rector