Westside High School


In a small home in Arkansas
I can smell the savory scent of spices
I hear my grandmother rattling pots
in the kitchen
I feel the slimy skin of the
tomato between my fingers
One after another, taking all day long
I still have no desire to can

Madison Shelton

He asked me what my favorite color was

The color of births and new beginnings.
The bud of a flower ready to bloom.
The clean cut grass of the neighbor’s yard.
The tops of trees, evergreens.
The sweater from grandma, and the soap she made.
The nostalgia of dirt road rides.
The emerald sting of his gorgeous stare.
The air after rain.
The laces on my little brother’s shoes.
The pot mom cooks with.
The adventures we’ve had.
The color of nature and beauty. The word in the middle of spring.
The fish I caught when I was 12.
The book Dad read at bed time.
The color green.

Sadie Hays


have distance
have speed
fall in love

Dakota C.


lonely eyes
eye sore
sore foot
foot ball
ball hitch
hitch hiker

Daniel Johnson


Days go on with sounds of rain,
Green walls, white floor, and toys galore,
Where’s the potatoes?
Dreams of hot dogs and oddly shaped rainbow cakes,
Indigo hexagon,
Two beds, four walls, and dressers full of clothes,

Bradley Buck


Little Tree House
bright, with many windows and a rustic look, a
tv with couches and chairs around
A bang on the door
What was that?
red trapezoid
Topples over the cranberry tree in yard

Rebecca McCormick


Hiccups are a spasm of the diaphragm
The formula for the slope of a line is y = mx + b
I live with 3 other people
More people should be kind
Some things are better left unsaid

Makayla Sims


At the starting line loose gravel on the driveway
My dad on his 1980 BMX Mongoose us kids on our
wal-mart bikes and little 7 year old brother
on his yellow tonka bike black trying wheels ready
to roll. We take off gravel flying from the rush
of tires Dad’s in the lead me right behind him
cuts Right across the yard down by the creek
and little brother sneaks across the yard
no one realize turns left go between this
four huge trees but little brother is there I turn
right Bam!! I slam into the tree with light
grey bark my pretty smile hits the black
handle bars teeth shattered and Broken
I was lost and confused how it all happened?

Chaland Combs

For Sale Sadness

An empty bag of candy $1
The night sky with no stars $4
Saying goodbye to old friends $15
Watching someone struggle $10
Saying goodbye to Wisconsin $50

Alex Xiong


Bright, colorful, whirling mechanical parts, advanced
Technology, complex console, flashing lights, these
are the things I see, what I feel. This
place is safe yet dangerous, this place I call home.
Never in one place, always in another time.


Westside High School
Hartman, AR
Dates of Visit: November 29 & 30, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Amy Blackmon
Grade Level: 9 – 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 118
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Kirsty Bleyl, Elizabeth DeMeo, Suzanne Monroe