Richland Elementary


I stopped seeing you long ago
haven’t seen you since last month.
Falling into my old ways,
a girl with brains realized her terrible mistake,
long days passed by as I tasted your bubbly taste.
Way down here in Arkansas,
just sitting here eating fried chicken,
sitting alone without you near,
here be a teen girl without her Dr. Pepper.

Clara Griggs

Self-Portrait as a Dark Grey Cloud

I’m no river, but I can pour
down like syrup on a pancake
flooding streets in town when
hurricane Katrina came.
lightning bursting with flames of
fire. Sounding the war in
I’m spinning in the sky
leaving nightmares in
your dreams.
Why do you come
for us?

Harlem McCaster Roger

Life as You Know It

Zoom went the blind cat
boing went the heartbroken fish
Cool as snow
Obama makes pizza
into a song while
Abraham Lincoln swims
slowly to Chick-fil-A
singing happy birthday off-key.

Heidi McCall

Beauty of Trees

A sky blue rabbit swam the lake.
The bridge has reappeared, for they say
the trees grow the flowers the bees to sleep.
The water rushing against the land.
As the sun sets by the beauty of
the garnet red sky with a morsel
of pink just as the land should be in
break of the end of spring.

Lew Brown

Self-Portrait as a Butterfly

I’m no dragon but I can fly
I can bloom like a flower
I go place to place
just like a girl looking for new boots

Hannah Grace Hallum

Horror That Haunts Me

As I thought of horror
the horror like the dark blue
boogey monster under your
racecar bed. Like someone
that is about to be dropped in a
bucket of lava and they’re screaming for
their life. Like someone just made
you eat a ghost pepper.
Like a green bumpy slime rolling off
your skin.

Chace Roote

Richland Elementary
West Memphis, AR
Dates of Visit: March 14 – 15, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Gwendolyn Looney & Danette Strons
Grade Level: 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 83
Visiting Writers: Bailey Hutchinson, Molly Rector