Lavaca Middle School


You hear the howls, their barks in the distance,
we fear them, you fear them. You find one in the
road, injured, helpless, hopeless. Do you help? Do you
walk away? If you were to help, hands open, showing
no fear, yet submission, and help the wolf, would it
help you in the future? Would you save the wolf,
to have him save you later?

Sydney Hockaday


I am from baseball. I am from huge forests.
From streams. From the trail of tears.
From partying. From Bacon. From floods.

Code Carlton

Miraculous Tree

In a small town near the edge of Arkansas,
One tree loomed above all the rest.
It was an oak tree, old and wise,
Just as those who lived inside.
The tree had rough bark,
But smooth and soft interiors.
The people who lived in this Miraculous Tree,
They did not mind its bark.
They loved the smell of wood,
And they used it to live.
The trunk was the place to live,
But children who dared
Leaped from branch to branch.
For if they fell, there would always
Be a branch to catch them.
The tree was their home,
And it loved them just as they loved it.

Sydney Crabtree


the absence of colors
the empty chalk board
the dark computer screen
the cold night
the unworn shoes
the mold on old bread
the ink out of this pen
my unworn glasses and a
faded dead rose the marker written on the board to
the darkness of a goth’s soul
a dead man’s heart
the rust on the
barbwire fence that divides me and you.

Shailey Rudd

Bird the broken

A home broken,
A nest fallen,
I cannot fly now neither can it.
I see pain in its eyes,
As pain once in mine,
Nurturing the wing to fly again,
Fly away to its new perch,
Feeling down, the birds beautiful song
Bringing me back up.

Tucker Marshall


Blue, like the color of the sea
Blue, like the color of the sky
Blue, like the color of the beachside chair
Blue, like the color of sadness
Although blue is sad
think about blue differently
as you sit in the relaxing
beach chair as your feet
jangle the blue sea reaches
your toes looking at the
blue sky think blue, blue isn’t
that sad.

Tucker Marshell


Oh, Pigs you light up my day
with your small looking curly
free tail swaying in the wind.

You look like a big pink balloon
blown up to its limit.

You are like a huge blow fish
When it gets scared.

Pigs why are you so fat?

Well its because you don’t know
When to stop eating!

Raelyn Townley

I felt a wedding in my head

I felt a wedding in my head
It showed no signs of stopping
How incredibly romantic
Church bells chime on the dot at 3
Families quickly grab their seats
Bridesmaids in flowing pink dresses
Men in smooth black suits
The aroma of cake faintly roaming
Although there is one catch
There is no I do.

Becca Namby

Miraculous Book

The same perfectly imperfect
story day after day. Turning
each page living the story
just as you had yesterday,
and just like you will tomorrow.
It is our fiction, but their
reality. The people inside
are serenaded with giggles
and sobs. Every single day.
Sometimes they wonder
why one would show such
interest in their infinitely
repeating story. It is nothing
new to them, but to their
audience it is yet to be understood.
But, this never ending
story is life to them. They
accept it just like you and
me accept everything we
endure in our life we only
live once.

Madi Marty

Ode to Candy

Oh, candy!
You’re a tasty and delicious solid figure.
You are like a kid eating vanilla covered
Why do we like to chew and swallow
Because you taste like sugar and not
our teeth.



Blue-green is like a once green sign, now
worn and rusted by mother nature.
Like the Statue of Liberty, the one that
Nobody can decide which color it really is.
Like the water on top of seaweed.
Like the mold on the sweet tea you left on
Your night stand before vacation.
Like the once blue family photo album.
Like the worn navy school uniform.
Like the cupcake frosting on your best
Friend’s birthday party.
Like you feel after a break up.


Family Love

I come home feeling protected
Like a bank. My mother and father like
a couple of guards. I feel like a
paperclip, all alone. Then brought
up into love.

Ashtyn Thomas

Lavaca Middle School
Lavaca, AR
Dates of Visit: April 5 – 6, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Grady
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 200
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Josh Idaszak, Ben Whisman, Jacob Yordy