Lamar Public Schools


The calm waters rolling over each other.

The smell of honeysuckles.

The trees lining the banks.

Rod and reel cast in the water.

The sound of birds and nothing else.

The sunlight on my face.

The body of water in the middle of nowhere.

The everything around me.

May Higby

Outside the Window

Lifeless trees and grass
A blue broken car
A dog scavenging for food

Wilting down
Not coming back
Hunger is growing

Elizabeth Yang

Spinach Hurricane

I am a tall, blooming tree
with many branches.
I run like a baboon in Africa.
Can you reach as far as the
eye can see in any direction
without moving an inch?
What do you feel when there
is no spaghetti on the plate?
I can hear the swooshing of
the wings from miles away.
Every time the stars come out,
I can talk to the heavens.
They always say compliments
about you.

Katelynn Freeman


Since that one summer day, I’ve had
a feeling that I was part-owl who
is trying to fly away, but
first I would have to talk to Jim
who is always in a pit he dug,
and he pays the government to stay in
any hole he digs.

Joshua Pickrell

The Terminator

There was a day I saw a
Terminator at the Walmart.
He said to me, “Do you know
where the WD-40 is?”
I told him, “Yes.” I pointed over
to the Automotive Department.
He then smiled and said, “Thank
you.” He was tall as a corn
stalk when he walked.

Matthew Dais

Time Keeper

I am the keeper of time, always moving
unless my batteries run out. I can come in
all colors but mostly black and white.

I am always ticking, and at every hour
I will ring. I am found almost everywhere.
Even on you.


The richest men even have me. I control
what you do everyday. From the time you wake
up to when you go to sleep, you will be watching

Ike Pelts

The Snow

The snow was powder white
in year 2014
when we traveled to Wisconsin
in the surprisingly chilly spring.
The squirrels were jumping tree to tree.
The car was cold, even in big jackets,
the heater in the car was our
only safe haven as we went place to place,
We saw many ski slopes and sledding ramps.
On the way back home we saw
the Mississippi River rolling with life.
We stopped and bought a newspaper
to see what we had missed.

Rebecca Petite

Stuttering Professor

Hearing the sound of the same word
Seeing his escalation of speaking
We could smell the bad odor of Fear on his face
But all he could do was stutter his words
Like a parrot stuck on repeat. he just stuttered
He was stuck on the words as if they were stuck
in his throat.

Trinity Caroll

Ode to Pencil Sharpener

O pencil sharpener
Tell me why, why did you have
to break my pencil. it was the
only one I had

Meagan Young

facts about a poem

a poem can be like
a story. There are
more and more every
day. There are
hundreds of poems
that means hundreds
of papers which means
hundreds of trees
which means less

Cameron Boben

The Irish dance

low and silent then…wing!
it gets loud it’s 1959 and you’re
on an irish boat dancing to
low and up string music
you like it because it’s bouncy
and cool up and down side
to side wiggly people all
over. It’s crazy like elephants
and clowns all over! It’s
funny big funny and
small funny all over tingly
and light. It’s loud and
soft ringy and nice.

Shayne Hampton

Love is Like

Love is like the smell of barbecue, love is like chains on your heart,
love sounds like the voice of your mom during a thunderstorm,
love sounds like hearing your mom died, love feels like holding
your girlfriend’s hand, love feels like getting to hold on one last time,
love tastes like your first kiss, love tastes like a box of bugs,
love smells like a red rose in a bright rose patch, love smells
like a bad sock, love looks like a happy summer day, love looks
like a divorce letter, love sounds like the gentle crash of waves
on a beach, love sounds like a fight.

Caleb Marlow

Earth: Original Motion Soundtrack

The bees playing the
tuba. The bears singing.
The bells playing the violin.
Everything that disappears
disappears as if returning

Jasmine Ritchie

What’s Broken

The coffee cup I shattered,
the dog that broke his back.

The pencil led that snapped
the big tire crack on the nail it ran

over. The girl I saw dosing
broke her hammock.

The plants broken
into countries. The solar system

into planets. The windshield
that broke from rocks flying

through the air.
Our country broke

by a corrupt president,
children’s hearts broken by divorce,

parents’ souls having to watch
broken objects fill the world

seen from the mind of a little girl.

Morgan Echa

In California

I look around and see rich
people in the houses made
of money, though they said
they had just been rebuilt.
It was so hot one afternoon
it was lit with fire. Then I see
average people in their houses
made of books, lots and lots
of book-houses, with leather
roofing and paper material on
the inside. Then I see poorly
treated people with small
houses made of coolers,
they have food and water
for them in their houses
but they only go there
in the summer.

Conner Perry

Noisy Street

The taxi cabs and fire trucks
driving insanely on the noisy street
which was quite harmful to my sleep
along with the scent of smoke
and red flames down the street
which crackled in my ear.
And the sound of water made
me want to cry with my white
shirt and blue skirt I got up
and walked to see and hear
my friends, talking freely.

Faith Young

If Hair Was Bacon

If hair was bacon
people would be bald
No one would need a barber
They do the job themselves
Everyone would have heart issues
Goodbye brother
Now what would you do
If hair was bacon

Mackenzie Meier


Depression feels like below freezing air,
creeping up your skin. Depression tastes like
ice that you’ve held in your mouth for five minutes.
Depression sounds like the muffled screams
from under water. Depression smells like the
crisp cold air. The touch of depression is numb.
You can’t exactly touch or feel because it just feels
numb in the end. Depression sounds like your
cries you do before you finally fall asleep

Kenzie McKibbin

What everyone started wearing

everyone started wearing
cars on their head and
every time they would talk the horn
would blow. Then every time
they breathed water would come
out and flood the car. Soon people
started to drown because they
can’t hold their breath for

Amber Bruntley

Truth about books

Books are actually fish, they swim in facts
don’t bring your book near water or she will never
be seen again, they don’t like heat so they
cool down, in water, books float when you don’t
look and then they swim away.


A Fabulous Monster Sends a Warning Home

The beings eat constantly, it mostly being meat
from their own kind.
There’s structures that the powered beings use as
They. Make. Structures.
Hanging from each structure is usually many
mini stars they had plucked from the sky!

Jade Dillard


Love smells like fresh
flowers blooming. Love feels
like when you get the chills
on a cold day. Love tastes
like drinking water after you
run a mile

Chase Sparks


I watch the snow fall
So white and cold I shiver
I close the window

Chase Sparks

Lamar Public Schools
Lamar, AR
Dates of Visit: May 9 – 10, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Krystal Minchew
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 400
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Collin Callahan, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak, Sacha Idell, Jesse Irwin, David Kinzer, Scott Ray