Lamar Middle School


You have got to remember to prepare for the pain
that will ensue your decision. No matter what
the opponent – even an ostrich – you have got to
keep your pinkies up and jab a start with your
strong right. You might lose and earn a dingy plastic
trophy or a partially gouged out bow-tie..Maybe
even your perfectly-tailored suit will, in turn, earn
horribly dangerous claw marks and holes…But it’s
worth it in the end, you always win if you just
keep your pinkies up like a true gentleman.

Jade Dillard


I was outside
and feel this tingle
in my nose as
it explodes with
the smell of
burning trash.
I hear birds
crowing and
fires popping
and I see kids
waiting by
the door to
come and
play when the
smoke clears.

Chase Sparks


Take a plane to California,
through giant redwoods.
Take a taxi to Vegas
make a quick buck, take a left
then drink your coffee
and eat your donut.

Skylar Smith

When I realized I’m gonna grow up

At this point in time I’m 4
½ years old, I have two older
brothers who are now 6 and 8
We’re at a local McDonald’s
and I get a kid’s small drink

But my brother gets an adult
drink I hear him slurp and
I start to cry I see clear,
salty tears hitting the ground
I throw a raging fit.

Then, my dad tells me you will
get a drink that Big when you grow
up I hear my sniffing and crying,
I then ask dad what’s growing up.

I hear him say in a soft voice
you get old like grandma and do
adult or grown up things.

Camryn Hinkle

How to make a planet

Step 1: grab two Mason Jars
Step 2: go to space in the 63th rocket
Step 3: get two stars in one mason
Step 4: capture gravity in the second
mason jar
Step 5: find a blank spot in space

Step 6: mix the stars and gravity

Step 7: release the gravistars and
it will magnify into a planet.



When the cow moos
the ground seems busted
the ear drums broken

Katherine Kinsey


I look out the window I see
a slight drizzle that worsens into rain
and to a heavy downfall that batters the
roof and the window, the street
and the sidewalk making the
blacktop of the street look like a
winding wet snake that slithers by
houses and into town, the random but
repetitive beating of the water droplets
falling what a journey from
the heavens to feed the Earthly
beings that wander.

Reace Pharis

Like a baby’s skin

Confidence can suck up food like a vacuum
disappointed has four wrinkly and long legs
anger has a nose as long as a river
Stressed ears that can hear stuff from a mile away
happy has skin that resembles that of a baby

Raylee Wakefield

Hoping Someone

My shoulders are as tense as a board,
shaking from the cold hoping someone puts
a jacket around me.

Abigail Garcia

Self-Portrait as Cream Corn

I was made at Christmas
and I am called Cream Corn
After Christmas I was thrown in a bowl
I was put in a refrigerator
Three weeks later I was pulled out
I had hair, they call it mold
So I was thrown out
on a cold day
over the fence I go
Starving birds fight for me
By the time they were done
I was gone

Ivy Tate

Leaf Tasting

I know all about that one sport where
you do the thing and throw the other
thing. Leaves actually taste like broccoli.
I’m a great cook I have never burned
a speck of food. Oh and sister broke
your mug.

Dixie Huggin

My mouth is a whistle

My mouth is a whistle,
I wake myself in my Styrofoam
bed, with my wheezing, as
loud as a horn on a freight
train, I whistle wheeze in
class and make my teacher
as mad as a fire-ball, all
hot and red, and then the wheezing spreads to my teacher,
and in conclusion she has
finally quit after 100 years
of teaching.

Eli Mayes


1) My brain is like a plane flying along
to find a place with new words to

2) Before I was a word looking for
someone to stand on.
Now I am a box.

Janie Holt


Sharks make the largest eggs in
the world. Some ants explode when you
get close to them. The scientific
name for cat in Felis Cattus. The
scientific name for wolf is Canis
Lupus. Bats are the only flying
mammal. The duck billed platypus
is a mammal that lays eggs.
Pluto is the coldest and farthest
away planet, also a roman god.
Columbus is the capital of Ohio.
Red and yellow are scientifically
proved to make you hungry.

Tori Napier

How to capture a mermaid

First grab salt, vinegar, and
a fish. Second, go to the
ocean and pour 2 cups
of vinegar into a bottle
Then, grab the salt and
Pour 2 tablespoons in the
Bottle and put the fish
In there. Finally, say
“Hocus Pocus, Mermaid”



The color of a blind man’s eyes,
a hard slab of concrete, a terrifying
tornado, the ash left after a blazing
inferno, the color of old heavy steel.

Connor Hill


Has no sides.
It tells time on my dad’s
wrist. The shape can take
place on a plate. Is all
over my face. in my eye.
Is the planet in outer space.
Also is like a ball bouncing.
The berries in my hand. The
end of a microscope on the
table. Looks like the end
of my nose. The scales of a
fish. My pool when it is in
the sand. The inside of a
dancing flower. The end of a
pencil eraser.

Heaven Edrington

White Things

Clouds in the sky
Snow falling on a cold, winter day
Christmas wrapping paper
A cat’s warm, soft fur while it lays in its bed
Some cheeses in the world
My grandma’s hair
A crisp piece of paper
A goose feather
A beautiful dove, flying high in the sky
A lab coat in the scientist’s lab
A trashcan in a classroom
Going to the doctor
Thinking of something to say
A pearl on a necklace
When people give me bad news
And the ground outside my house
on Christmas day.

Tori Napier

Lamar Middle School
Lamar, AR
Dates of Visit: December 15 – 16, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Krystal Minchew
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 312
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Collin Callahan, Joy Clark, Patrick Font, Anne Greeott, Emily Lerner