Harmony Grove High School


Because the collapse of the player after a hit
Because the swarm of hornets
Because the spill of cold water on his face
Because of the aching muscle
Because the blow of the whistle in the last second
Because of a clean break

Laurie Ledbetter

Make me

a new, dark blue 2016 Mustang
going down Highway 79 at 90 MPH
to Little Rock
Make me a championship
in Kyrie’s house
Make me a chocolate chip cookie
being eaten by Ariana Grande

Tyrees Woodberry

Goat in the Snow

Hoofmarks trail for miles
He blends in so perfectly with his surroundings
Stuck like glue to the wall
His voice trapped in a jail
His mother can’t hear his call
Where did my little goat in the snow go

Hope Smith

Let supper time come

Let the room fill with fumes of creamy goodness.
Let the sound of popping grease be music to
the ears.
Let there be plenty of ice cold sweet tea, to
refresh the lungs.
Let the family sit, all together, consuming
their meal.
Let supper time come.

Grace Vint

The Emperor of Ice Cream

The cat stands on the table
black against the brown background of the table.
He turns and his white is shown like a pop of color.
He makes his way to the bowl of milk
knocking over the bottle of soda pop.
The t.v. black the show just over with.
The bowl of milk sweet with the spoon still
in it. He trips and his head goes into the
milk. When his head comes up wearing the
milk like a crown.

Jaydon Waters

Let Me Be

make me
a perfectly cooked
steak about to be
judged at a cook off.
I want to be a monkey
at the zoo swinging from
tree to tree without a care
in life. let me be in a video
game shooting monsters saving
humanity, put me in the body
of Lebron James, dunking
on Sports Center. let me be a 10 point
buck galloping through the wind
after being missed by an arrow.
Let me be these things. Make me.

Jake Meeks

Harmony Grove High School
Camden, AR
Dates of Visit: November 17 – 18, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Louise Keithley
Appx. Number Students Served: 61
Grade Levels Involved: 10, 11
Visiting Writers: Anne Greeott, Michelle Myers