Buffalo Island Central West Elementary


You gather all the dead people
bring a cup to play the waltz
drink the water when it rains

then party until their bones
fall apart

Landon Myers

I Am

I am flat-footed and wear all the wrong shoes.
I am scared of tiny hairy spiders.
I am allergic to nighttime when the blood moon is out.

Gavin Weatherly

Weird Traits

My humor is long
stretches of the Dead Sea.

My kindness is a jack-o-lantern,
when I open my grace
it starts to glow like the sun.

When I breathe It looks like a portal.

Tommy Stone

My Fear

Dad’s driving
sharp nails
hard metal
Coach yelling
half-eaten hot dogs

Logan Hancock

Dear Georgia, Age 32

Do you remember
when you went to the zoo?
Do you ever sit and think
about what you are going to do
after 20 years of being a child?

Your childhood
will be with you all your life.
Your childhood
will always love you.

Georgia Truex, Age 9½

Georgia Truex

Sky Dancing

like the trees dancing in the dark
and the stars dancing in the sky

Elizabeth Moore

Yellow Storm

My heart is a train. I can’t
leave you. You’re my heart.
I tell you. I can’t leave you.
My lungs are a tree growing
inside me. I saw you and
my foot was paralyzed.

Cason Kiter

My Leg is a Christmas Tree

and every day Santa puts
presents under it and every time I
open it it’s all chickens and every time I
close my eyes they’re all gone

Dakota Edge


My ankle is a twister.
My life dabs.

It feels the air.
It has twisted once.
My ankle is windy.

Sophie McFall

Blado Gasaw

I’m a dog. My job is
saying woof. My name
is Blado. I like drinking
water from the water hose
and the toilet.


Rain Whistle

My hand is as big as autumn.
Her eyes are about as small as her finger. Her fingers
are too small so when she puts them in a
coffee handle it falls and breaks. And when it
breaks her toe is as big as the broken

Kallie Lambert

Solly Man

Solly makes me feel stinky
and she smells like dead daisies
and dead ants together. When it
is summer she smells like sweat.
Solly makes me feel safe.

Natalee Parnell

Buffalo Island Central West Elementary
Monette, AR
Dates of Visit: November 10 – 11, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 117
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Collin Callahan, Joy Clark, Zach Schwab