Brookland Elementary


Inside a moustache it would feel like a stack of hay:
It would smell like a marker
that ran out of ink.
And all I could see is hair and some breadcrumbs
from what he ate that day.

Leah Ballard

How to Have a Party in a Plane

You wait until the seat belt signs are off
and the party starts:
you bob for apples, throw pies
at the flight attendants and
when you want to leave,
just grab a parachute
and go.

Griffin Merrill

My Heart is a Thinker

My heart is a thinker.
I use it more than my head,
even if I am called

It looks to me
that my heart
is the angel,
and my hard-headed skull
is the devil.

I use my heart
to find my way out
of my hard head’s

It feels like I
am about to explode
the joy
to make other people happy.

Jordyn Smith

Inside a Dream

A colorful place
with all sorts of animals:

a bird that can fly
but doesn’t have wings,

a light blue sky
without a sun,

a grassy floor
with dirt beneath

a smell of sweet flowers
as big as trees.

Mia Stacey

Inside a Window

I’m looking out
at the tallest roller coaster ever
like I always do.

I am a window
I vibrate from the coaster’s
100 mile speeds.

I hear the screaming
laughter, smell the popcorn,
and cotton candy.

Caitlin Sedman

Face Poem

Your hair is like a cow’s soft
fur. Eyes like the sky when
it’s bright blue in the day time,
your nose is like an open field
at midday. Your nostrils
are a cave that I make in the snow.
Your eyelashes are midnight.

Macy Gay

The Desk

The paperwork on her desk
filled with math problems,
her teacher giving math
instructions by the board.
She holds the pencil,
the cold air in her ‘
classroom she tastes
for her morning snack.

Ahtrziry Zuniga

A House on Fire

It is hot
but it tastes
like candy
Some love
to go
like ponds.
Can you feel
the hot deer
in summer,
like a house
on fire
in summer?

John Jones

Inside a T.V.

I get turned on
and as they flip the channels
I jump with it.

I try not to touch the screen
because I don’t want to get

I smell something good—
we are on the cooking channel.
I hope they stop
so I can see what they are making
(I hope it’s not Brussels sprouts
or broccoli).

Griffin Merrill

Brookland Elementary
Brookland, AR
Dates of Visit: May 12 – 13, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Sandy McCall
Grade Level: 3
Appx. Number Students Served: 167
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Megan Downey, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak