Berryville High School


You know the ones from the drug store, how
they are a quarter a piece. Well, what about getting 7 for 25.
There is a way, as long as you do it while no one is looking you can
get more. Why, you may ask. Why not. Why should you
pay a quarter per one piece of gum. Not only can you get
free gum but you can sell that free gum for money.

Paul Mitchell


quite a pity
death. A lovelier lady than


a mad dog
coming from work.

just hold your head high
it’s your job

tomorrow He would

the bravest man who
even lived,


Connor Teigen

Italy Thing

Economy land
Trembling in fear
Laughter grows aloud
Save all of these vermin
Cancel the sound
Ride into the night
Economy is appreciated
I am speechless

Dalton Mulville


My hair
My hair pushes
My hair pushes a lot
My hair pushes a lot of
My hair pushes a lot of daisies

Charles Archer

Silent Angel

Echoes murmured nearby.
The buildings trembled
and statues absorbed energy being released.
A white figure descended to the ground
Soft singing . . .
towards the north
echoes dashing.
Yes, it’s the sound of the sea.

Jose Sanchez

Partying in the Dark

I love partying in the dark!
Locusts are evil.
My Pepsi glass is broken.
Do you like blueberries?
I actually hate parties.
I earned this wound from Texas.

Delaney Stoppel


you could kill my Snow-on-the-Mountain
Well, Next time
do it right pull it up
by the roots,

with a face devoid of resentment.

It was over.
mind occupied

when the telephone rang.

“She’s dead, son.”

Pacen Parker

Everything Organized Disintegrates

Smoke from the fires of forgotten dream
I have scars marking me in all the
places of hurt.
Even where I look okay there is
a mark of anguish like paint splatter
So confusing that there is too much to see.
No straight answer to why of what,
only an existence.
Bound to the painful confinement of
this square life.
The creaks and moans of life falling apart
around me wakes me from the smallest peace as
I suffocate under what remains.

Jania Wood


the doorknobs that I couldn’t reach
the child safety locks that kept me
from a room.
the dirt that I fell into
while chasing butterflies
pennies I found in the truck floorboard
the rust on the new-used truck
when the old truck broke down
the keys to the truck when
my father handed them over to me
my hair when I screwed up
cream-filled coffee that I
was soon obsessed with when high school
my shoes when
my principal handed me my diploma.
the diploma seal after
I lost it for ten years
The colors of my fake engagement ring that
I showed off at that 1st high school reunion
The colors of the dirt that does back
over my grave the week after
that reunion.

Emily Blitz

Ode to the Elements

First to fire, earth, water and air.
A belief that composed the universe.
Destroyers and healers.
Next to metal and machines, as the world
To discovery, and new science. The elements
that compose the stars live in you. Hydrogen, and
Helium, you are the stuff of stars.
The carbon that is your most basic
component, is the father of diamonds.
Finally, from fire to plasma, air to gases, water to
liquids, earth to solids
There are

Brett O’Dell


My first xbox 360 controller, the rims of an old
pick up truck, the bracelet given to me by my grandmother
on my 7th birthday. The tools used by the doctor after
my dog attack. My favorite crayon in kindergarten, the
knob on the door of my favorite snack shop on the next street.
My dad’s new SUV when we moved to Arkansas. The train
cars that rode on tracks above the busy city streets.

Roy A.

Berryville High School
Berryville, AR
Dates of Visit: April 25 – 26, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Heather Zaloudek
Grade Levels: 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 125
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Kirsty Bleyl, Elizabeth DeMeo, Zach Hester