Your heart is like a bloody penguin. Stone
Cold Steve Austin. A daydream with sharp

Haven H.

The River Seemed Confused

The River seemed confused today
as it raced the other way
left to right side to side it shook
with violence it swept over people like a creek
dragging them down to a deep unknown
I wheeze I gasp as I fear I’m next to go
soon the River takes my ship without
pity or disdain
And as I fall past please remember
my name.

Nate Fielder

Your Legs

are like a cheetah running for his
life, like a person that does not
shave, like a big elephant,
like the smell of condensation
that you wash your feet with.

Madison Harneck


all over me. They feel like little
needles. Have you ever felt this way?
The walls green like a field of grass.
The United States, red, white,
and blue. Yes, I feel like this at the

Madison Harneck


Green joy pokes through the white abyss,
exposing the future in store. Sounds from
the trees begin to emerge once light breaks
the low horizon. Again, the stone turns
to water, but only for the day. Nothing
lasts a lifetime if you don’t make it

Colby Clinton


The woman walked to the
store to buy some cookies. There was
a woman watching her.
She is frozen in fear.

Taylor Chapman

Inside a Soap Bubble

I live inside a berry flavored soap bubble.
I’m always scared my house might pop. My bubble
sits on top of a rubber duck and the soap burns my
eyes. There isn’t much air in it and when it pops,
I go inside the duck. It has a pink tint to it and
does not taste like berries. It sounds like a fresh
winter breeze.

Rylir Whitso


I was hunting in the mountains
as I found them

two wolves, sitting
they were staring at each other

One tilted its head
the other did the same

one stood
so did the other

it looked as though
they were in perfect sync

when one moved
so did the other

I sat down and watched
they did this for hours

it almost looked
like they were talking

like they were telling
each other when and where to move

they looked curious like they
were asking who are you?

Kenzie West

The hate machine

The hate machine. It causes war, fight, pain, and brokenness.
It is a best friend of evil. It attacks any and every
person. It is what causes the fights and jealousy.
It screams things that cause bad fights, wars, and
friendships at you. Though it is awful, it can be
broken. It hates love, friendships, and happiness.
If you have any of these things, you are
safe. Beat it. The hate machine somehow causes
you to love.

Reagan Ramsey


The mouse in hand looks dead
but in reality it’s alive
slowly slipping out of your grasp
until it falls
you have failed
no one can help you, but yourself

Jonathan Rodgers

Abstract Notion

pringles are like snickers
like a hug from a girl
like a tire in the cold,
like cheese to a mouse

Isaac Clemmons


Usually, my lambs are born in the
Spring. Oddly, this year they were
born in the winter. January. My
parents in the barn, covered in hay
and sweat aiding in the birth of
new life, as I watched from the
car, warming my hands by the vent.
Sheep bleated here and there, and
the mother of the newborns—twins—
still lay on the ground. Through the
foggy windshield I watched.

Mitchell J.

Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 15 – 16, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Sally Stuart
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 108
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Andrew Butler, Collin Callahan, Josh Idaszak