Weaver Elementary School


If I became a heat wave everything
would melt or die in the palm of
my hands.

In the summer I come around
Everyone runs into their houses to
hide for me a blazing heat.

Pretty flowers would dry up and
become dust before I go down behind
the moon.

When I go down behind the moon
I torture more on the other side of
this planet named Earth.

And every summer I return to
this torture I don’t mean to give.

Janiya Robinson

Where I’m From

I’m from the river
I’m from coffee, 2 sugars no cream
I’m from the busy bees that sting to protect their loved ones
I’m from gangs
I’m from many people down the streets of Beale.
I was born in the bright yellow sun
My name is business.

Robbia Wilson


Love is rolling down the biggest hill I could find.
Love is hot chocolate on a cold night.
Love is fresh-baked cinnamon rolls from the oven.
Love is the waves of the ocean bouncing off of big boulders.
Love is getting a pair of brand new shoes.

Dewon Green

Rondo Alla Turca

Moving side to side
in a happy mood,
when I move I feel
like I’m at the
grayish moon.

Dasia Johnson

I Remember

In the middle of November
things change
The warm sunny days gone
now, a car slides on the ice.

The green leaves turn brown
with mother nature gone to sleep
Drinking a cup of cocoa
Standing by the warm heat.

Kristopher Wooten

Where I’m From

I’m born in West Memphis.
I’m from a lot of things are going on
and it has a lot of trees and stars.
I am one of the stars. I fly across
night, people make wishes
then they come true.
I shine over the world
help them see, am
planet like earth, I’m
air, but no one lives
on me. One day
they will.

Thomas Davis

The Secret House

The sun shines light on the house that
is covered
with branches.
In which people
say is a soul
inside. The house,
mysterious, quite.
Owls hooing.
The prettiest house
you will ever see,
but which still
has souls inside.
The flowers of autumn
unusual. A secret
house waiting
to be revealed.
The only path
that no one
has ever

Cadashia Stamp

Weaver Elementary School
West Memphis, AR
Date of Visit: May 11 – 12, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Sheila Grissom
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Kirsty Bleyl and Molly Rector