Washington County Juvenile Detention Center


As I walk through
the trail, trying to find
my way back to the car
I hear a cry for help. Not
any cry for help made by
a human, but by an animal.
As I walk closer to the
sound I turn on my flash
light to look through the
darkness. I see at least a
600 point animal laying on the
ground. I approach it with caution.
I see a bear laying down crying,
I shine the light at it.



I saw a little animal I thought
It was a puppy, when I got closer
I realized it was not a puppy but a
Cub a white Siberian tiger all small
And skinny. It was dirty and dripping
Wet from yesterday’s rain so I knew it
Had no place to stay. So I took it in
Like it was my own. I gave it food,
Shelter and a home. I watched it
Get big. I called a guy. We took it to
The wild. I hope it can live.
Maybe one day he will come back to
Save my life.


Face Poem

The face of the sun nose like some roses.
Beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Chin as sharp as
the turn on a roller coaster. The eyes of the
night lights. Teeth of some diamonds at the jewelry store.


Washington County Juvenile Detention Center
Fayetteville, AR
Date of Visit: April 30 – May 1, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Jeane Mack
Appx. Number Students Served: 5
Visiting Writers: Zach Hester and Josh Idaszak