Springhill Elementary


I also went to the newt
and asked about its life. I asked
about its fingers about why they were
so round. I asked about his belly
and why it was so squishy.

I found him in a hurricane,
after he licked my eye. He began
to lick all around and even licked
a jellyfish and got shocked by
the taste.

He began to walk on water
but tripped on a table and when
I turned around I was shocked
by a jellyfish but was all
so emotionally shocked because
it was as dry as the sun.

I turned back around and
wanted to possess the heart
of heat so I would never
be as wet as a newt

George Terry

The Sword

The sea nymphs are who I chose.
We went to the movies with
Centaur both started to
eat the chairs. Everyone ran.
They ruined it I should have
chosen Poseidon. I should have
known sea nymphs and centaurs
are like the sword.

Banks Austin


It gives me a raincloud above my head
a few drops of water are dropping from
it. I think of a rainy day, the clouds
are droopy. They seem to be moving
around my head. One by one.

Ella Reid

Still Don’t Know Its Name

I also went to the octopus and asked
it about its life. I asked it how it got its
ink of distraction? I asked it how it lives
so long under the deep dark blue pit of
water. I asked it how it got its camouflage
jacket. How it got its eight legs and arms.
How it got its sticky suction cups on its
feet. I asked it lots of things, but still don’t
know its name.

Natalie Edmonson

The zebra took off its

The zebra took off its
stripes and walked on its
nose then disappeared.

Anna Andrews

The Day

The day was oil lying on the ground, all alone.
The oil made the ground green and rough. Became
sticky like syrup.
The day became an oily road with people crackling
through. Going through on Jeeps, dirt bikes, and trucks
to get away from their moms.

David Johnson

Springhill Elementary School
Alexander, AR
Date of Visit: November 5 – 6, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Smith
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 96
Visiting Writers: Megan Blankenship, Emily Lerner