Southside Middle School


I want to be a snapping
turtle. To be able to
feel the bottom of the
pond shake when somebody
walked by. To smell
fish that I want to eat.
I would taste the scaly
skin of the trout, could
swim faster than any other
turtle and make them
believe in God.

Tyler Carter

The Mysterious Human Heart in Pocahontas

Small but loved by few
small the sweet air

Seeing the mysterious men
Feeling the cold air in the gamble house

Small but big the only one Pocahontas
lots of hot and tasty food

and the best popcorn pop pop it
goes in the small town Pocahontas

Oh, heart old and still in love
with this small small town.

Isaac Wallis

The Planet on the table

I see the sun shining and the fresh cut grass
and smell the goodness of
my mom’s cooking.
I feel the texture
of Pluto and earth,
Pluto is like a rock,
and earth is like
a pillow on your
bed, and sheets on
the mattress.

Breanna Brooks

Lighting God

I want to be the lighting
god with speeds faster than light
I would run I would, have
lightning words
and lightning guns.


Alternate Sources of Fuel

I spend my life in a
cage I’m scared
to leave. The lions
of my fears protect it.
The lord of anger
rules my land.
Should I leave.
Should I stay
my mind is a sky.


Hard Worker

My dad is a hard worker.
truck steering wheel.
truck diesel’s
strong smell. Cars
zooming past that are
going 70 mph, cars
jumping on bumpy roads.
The cheese pizza
from last night. My dad
is as tired as a hound
dog and ready to get home
so he can go to bed.
He is thinking
about a nice shower.

Tyler Carter

My Life

My dog pulled his hair out.
The butterfly is flying.
Why do people smoke?
In 1982 my mom was born
I broke my arm
I am 999 years old
Because they start to smoke and don’t quit


A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts

Hoping the rabbit
is. He smells something
weird but then it disappears.
It was time were that the
flowers bloom. They find
a ghost the rabbit didn’t
scream. But, then he just
became the king he doesn’t
know how they all just
take a bow. The taste of
the raspberry that
are fresh and new.
It was spring so
the birds start to
chirp and sing. OOO,
I feel like a king.

Adilene Garcia

Me the Meladon

If I could be something ANYTHING
I would love to be a Meladon.
Yep, you heart me, a Meladon.
A Meladon with a power, a power to morph
into anything I wish.
From the size of a fairy to the size of a giant.
Or maybe one of the great beasts!
From a normal beast to a magical beast.
I would swoop my wings with the pattern of a peacock’s!
I would frighten any animal with my size of a giant.
With the body of a bird, and the head of a peacock!
With my bravery and heart I would protect
everyone who needs it.

Avery Simpson

Bing Bang Boom

I tricked the pellets to
hit what I wanted, had the
spiders to carry the dead
robins on their back to me
do you know what year it
was? It was the year 1998
and everyone was busy except
me. I shot the front window
out of dad’s car. But the only
thing trust is the robins that
I killed. But the spiders were
there too.

Kameron Cotes


Snowmans wearing black tall
My hands are hats.
My eyes are
red berry bushes frozen
My nose is
snow bears
my ears are
Bright Blue sky
my mouth is

Moriah Easterwood

The Kitchen

In the kitchen you will see
four children playing tug o’ war
with a pink snake. You will
smell the venom easing out of it’s
mouth. You will hear the screaming. You
will feel the slippery floor
from the venom. You will taste
the rotten eggs in the fridge.

Lillian Maness

the lie

I’m a mountain that’s as small as a
rabbit. I jump like a rabbit, but I eat meat
every day. I love to eat cats and bones.



The blue I the color of the
laughing ocean, the green E looks
like paint in my pocket, the brown
O looks like that creep man’s
mustache, that white U looks like a sail on a ship that’s angry, and the
golden A looks like a golden statue
doing cartwheels.

Reanna Harris

Da Bear

I walk in the woods and go in a cave.
I see a bear sleeping.
I say “oh bear, oh bear, why are you so freakin lazy”
I kick him and he throws me in the snow.
I have no regrets.

Rogan Westbrook

War of the Nose

I cut off my nose and threw it
in the pond. I call this smelling. i
cut off my knuckles and threw
them away. I call this fighting to
get my way. I cut out my eyes
and placed them in a box. I call
this reading day and night.

Kayleigh Kirk

Southside Middle School
Batesville, AR
Dates of Visit: January 27 – 28, 2016
Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Mosier
Grade Levels: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 72
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Cheyenne Autry, Megan Blankenship, Collin Callahan, Jacob Collum, Michelle Myers