Marked Tree High School


I found it emerging
out from my garden
Its slither was slow
Its strike packed no punch

I took the snake and nursed
it back to health
It slithered boldly
Its strike sent chills

Until one day, the nurterer
soon became the prey.
It struck.

Soon to be gone, I wondered
how I could possible deserve this,
however, a predator
cannot deny its instincts.

I knew it was a snake
when I picked it up.

Kady Jackson

I Am A Trunk

All I get is on and shut
People throw things on me
They do it with no respect.

I live on a beat up 1980 model.

People look at my trunk
And see nothing

They see me
as only a holder
of things.

Brianna Barrier

Elimination Dance

Anyone who has walked down the street
and found yourself in front of a volcano.

Anyone who has been diagnosed
with a case of stupidity.

Any woman who has walked up to a man
just to stare him down.

Those who have sang to their pet elephant
at 3am, when no one else is awake.

Those who have walked out their back porch
to a cow, just sitting there.

Anyone who has ever felt happy
in a weird situation.

Anyone who has taken a breath.

Taylor Blansett

What the Living Do

Francis, the faucet water is frozen.
The children are all running wild,
complaining about the things they want
but cannot have.
No one seems to listen.
No one cares to respond
to one another or communicate
with people outside of their “circles.”
This is the every day we spoke of.
When things have started to fade, and
no one cares to notice.

Kierra Biggs

Friendship Poem

Waking up today thinking
I will talk to you
Going to school
wishing I could see you.

Wishing you never moved away.
We still hang out
but it used to be every day.
It was never the same.

We used to sing and laugh, but now
we walk around this small town
and complain about our lives.
These are the things we do.

Everything was so simple
back when we were little.
We both were wired
and we loved each other for that.

We are still friends but
we don’t see each other as much
But these were the things
we used to do.



From hooks and nails,
our mirrors hang in partnership
with drywall. Pinned
to collect dust atop their chrome
or pastel, these mirrors reflect our lives.

They scream to me as I pass
always avoiding their glare
They sing hymns while they watch me sleep
They hide with shadows when voices are raised
They sit. They watch.

Their years of silent, settling ticks
could never compete with the stern, husky voice
of my dad, the calm chuckle of my mom,
the impeding opinions of my brother,
or the smallest traces of me.

Madison Gilbert

Elimination Dance

Anyone who has played Marioland: Shake it

Anyone who has bullied

Anyone who has been a sore loser

Anyone who has not found a glitch or two in the Super Mario Bros and performed it.

Anyone who played Candyland

Anyone who has allergies

Anyone who has no pets

Anyone dancing

Alicen Smith

Marked Tree High School
Marked Tree, AR
Dates of Visit: December 10 – 11, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Schneider
Grade Levels: 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 7
Visiting Writers: Megan Downey, Zach Hester