Hazen High School


I will my hair to the swim team to
dry off. I will my eyelids to the
people that want to shut out the sun.
I will my legs to the animals so they
can out run hunters.

La’Mondra Pinkney


You were the old blue rusty truck that
sat alone engulfed in the wildly overgrown
backyard in that small colorless town.

Katie Priest

What The Satellite Saw

A star hugging a star
a kid upside down
a skull
an ant struggling
some shoes taking its last walk
a bird being tortured by another
a zoo holding filter
a running monkey
her last breath

Aishah Hussey

The Light Switch

You are the light switch
You can make the room go dark
You can light up the room
with only one flick of my finger
You can choose how you want to be in my room

Kinley Griffin

The Blue Sock

On the day of the blue sock, I took the blue sock around the corner to listen to the blue sock. Nothing is better than the blue sock, but the blue sock is better with butter on top. I took my little blue sock to the store and I watched the cat play with the blue sock. Mom called my blue sock last year to schedule a blue sock again. The year I bought my house, the blue sock died, I buried the blue sock inside the chest of the blue sock.

Shelby Barnhill


My life was simple, I was young.
Bright colors
Slow spring
I’m old now
It’s cold up here
It’s dark, where is the sun?
Don’t forget my life.

Ketrina Wallace

What’s Crooked?

Crooked the family portrait
barely hanging on our living room wall
croocked the smile he used to give her
before life itself shattered
like the bathroom mirror
he shoved her through
crooked the way he signed his name
on the papers
that ended what was supposed to be forever
crooked my head laid on her shoulder
watching the dented blue Chevy
disappear into the distant dark night
crooked the family portrait
long ago when he smiled
his crooked smile.

Brayden Williams

Short Story:

She walked up the stairs of a dark and abandoned hotel with her three rambunctious friends. Every step she took on the old and someone broken stairs were quick and careful. She wanted to reach the roof quickly, to get out of the moody and dusty-smelling hotel that was too quiet for her liking. Her steps became quicker when she set her eyes on the door, that was barely on its hinges, that led to the roof. Pushing her friends out of the way, she pushed open the door with a loud creak and stepped out into the fresh air of the night. The stars were shining bright and beautiful in the pitch black sky. She lifted up her arms and cupped the pale moon in her hands, feeling the freest she’s felt in years.

Kayla Riddick


I want candy
I want more candy
I want more than last
I want extra candy
I want a special candy
I want a candy that will last
I want a bunch of candy
I want a tasteful candy
I want less candy
I want no candy today
I want more sugar
I want to go get some candy
I want to eat all of it
but first I need to eat more candy to eat.

Jaxen Nock

December, England

The ice was so
cold it was hot. I
could feel my toes
burning through my
snow drenched boots
I could see the snow
babies dancing and swirling
thorugh the whistling wind
The snow gathering upon
itself. The trees are bare
with shame. The winter wonderland
was a city of ice.

Riley Miller



Ford Seidenschwarz

What’s inside the Barn

The car breaks down in front
of a gigantic yellow barn
we call the tow truck they
say they can’t come til tomorrow.
We go into the gigantic yellow barn
there’s yellow prickly things everywhere
there’s wooden poles in the four corners.

Luke Prine


One peaceful hot July day we were at the river a few of my friends and I
we was sitting on the sand bar a little ways up river
we had a couple of fresh nice and cold watermelons
we didn’t have a knife so we was busting them open on a stump
but they kept getting dirty
so my friend Trevor was pretty aggravated cause of the dirt on our watermelon
so he gets up off the ground and grabs the watermelon and tries to bust it with his head
well it didn’t bust he hit the ground to moving
he hit his head so hard with the watermelon he knocked himself out
so now ever time we go to the river we always carry a knife

Caleb Swiney

Sprinting with Pigs

Sprinting with pigs is no
different than any thing else
their stomachs flopping the loud
sound of their 300 pound
hooves hitting the ground just
looking at the mass and
bulk of these wild but
tame animals their stubby
legs moving at 100 mph
and then eventually them
flying to the ground out
of exhaustion.

Hunter Elliott

Hazen High School
Hazen, AR
Date of Visit: November 12 – 13, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Morgan
Grade Level: 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Emily Lerner, Michelle Myers, Molly Rector, Larissa Sprecher