Brookland Elementary School


First it is best to put on a blank, white,
old shirt. Next, if you’re like most people
that don’t like to get dirty you should possibly
put on an apron. You should always
use a brand of paint that can paint
over other types of paint. Never hurry
or try to get it done very fast.
Good art takes time.

Asher Colburn

Blue Violin

There’s a person with a
guitar. And houses and birds, and
trees, and feels warm, moon
and and and and

Nakota Gross

the egg of sadness

It is always cracked
When you open it
you become sad.
The egg is black when
you open it.

Kadie Garland

The Box

is in the
way of history.

Amber Williams


It looks for big juicy worms
It makes a nest out of small twigs
It walks in the big plains
It flies in the city.

Carter Turner


I poured the water
as the dandelion growled
with anger. The angry
dandelion stuck its petals
out at me.
It smelled like strawberries
that are rotten. I watch
the sunrise as I think
what else it could do.
It could do more, I’m
sure of it. Maybe it can
keep strangers away. This
dandelion is really weird
and angered somehow.
It tastes like a fresh
Like it’s supposed to be.

Tyler Glass


A speed of white is
72 mph

he is looking for the most
biggest Thompson Gazelle to eat

for his hungry hungry belly and
cub’s belly

he gets on a mountain and
chirps like a bird to look for her
cub to feed

Kole Carter


What are the phases of the moon?
Hammer, saw, ladder, chainsaw, screwdriver.

How far away are the stars?
Turn right at the fire hydrant.
Turn left at the black horse.

What is the function of the heart?
It sounds like a thunder storm.
It smells like mist.
It feels like something is pulling you.

Benjamin Ford

My Thunderstorm Headache

My rainstorm of fear is raining
inside me but I know when
the sun comes out and its
the end of the storm there
will be a rainbow inside
and out of me. Til the next drop
inside me gets stuck in my mind
there will be no lions surrounding
my head. There will be only butterflies

Charley Stallings


I would
joy feed
it give
it sun
shine bring
in when
it is
I wouldn’t
let it
drown I
keep it
green I
would pull
the weeds
out of it
and let
it grow
grow grow.

Katie Thomas


What is the function of the heart?
It is loud, the clouds are very dark, and it comes down hard.

Sarah Hanks

My Thoughts Are Like Dogs

They run at anything that moves
and hunt for mice.

Maddy Neff Johnson

My Thoughts Are Like Pigs

They act lonely and squeal for friends
but they are silent at the end.

Abbie Hyde

The Sad Me and Happy Rock

I rock the rock. The rock rock
me. The rock flew, a rock a rainbow.
The rock rocked the rock. The rock
said rock. I did not rock the
rock after that. I rock another
rock now. That rock rocked me too.

Manning McAfee

The Skillet of Sadness

The skillet of sadness will
always be cold and will
never stand up tall.
The cup of kindness gives
everybody all of his jellybeans
except the grape ones that
he does not like.

Kinsey Clark

My Mama’s Salty Tree/The Protector

My mama has left out of the tree
she has passed. Great willows
are my mama’s favorite tree
I grew one on her ground. I cry
with sadness on the tree to grow
the tree is now bigger
I watered it with tears.
The protective tree is born
with its trunk orange and its
leaves purple it makes me feel
a little happy. With its smell
of cake, cheese, ice cream, and
apples, my tree is great
just as my loss. I don’t hold
any grudge. My tree is wakey
it really makes me laugh. It
feels like butterfly milk and
yummy-tasting silk. I love
my very own tree. It is
now part of me.

Sydni Armstrong

The Crayon of Joy

The crayon of joy never
breaks or runs out also
its all the colors.

Mikey Fowler

tears in a pot

I keep my tears in a purple pot
I feed my tears white watermelon seeds
and I water it with sweet tea
it plays with a toy flamingo
and cries like a baby girl

Jasmine Aird

Tiger Lily

Does Kung FU
Becomes an astronaut
Takes a shower in Germ-X
Licks a busted up bus
Talks in a British accent
Fights flip-flops with double-edged swords
Eats polar bears

Liam Brown


Black prowls the
white Alaskan woods
on a cold summer night
looking for pray like a
bird to eat when he howls
at the blue full moon on
that cold summer night he finds
the bird for dinner. Black feasts on
the bird all night long. As black
wakes up on the cold morning
when the sun is rising black plays in
the snow.

Gavin Christiansen


Slithering through the jungle
looking for a rat
to stuff his small tummy
when he’s full
he goes to find his babies
and swims in the water by all
the trees.

Jasmine Aird

the word

snow means
a cold taste that tumbles
in your mouth
leaps to the grass of polar bear
pushes up and pulls to the ground

Amber Jenkins

The Giant Redwood Tree

Raps in nightclubs.
breakdances in the sky.
Plays video games underground.
Talks in an Australian accent.
Plays baseball in little league.
Swims super fast.

Justin Brewer

Brookland Elementary School
Brookland, AR
Date of Visit: May 7 – 8, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Jaynes
Grade Level: 3
Appx. Number Students Served: 160
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Megan Downey, Michelle Myers, and Molly Rector