Vilonia Public Schools


can’t you sing as good as
you look, swan in the river?

Matthew Benzing


The girl looked at her dad. I must go now, he said. I’ll go to the moon on a trumpet and make sounds all the way there! Moon why are you white? The wolf howls while he eats the carcass of an elk. AHHH said the ear. Giraffes are so tall with their long necks, they could reach the sun! Snowflake! I come back and go to my bike and say Howdy! to all the fish in the world.

Mitchel Gray

Grand Canyon

I love the Grand Canyon. It has dead animals laying around.

Austin Ashcroft

The Milky Way

Every day when my mom picks me
up from school in her limo made
of the stars, I go to my room
and sing with the monsters under
my bed. Then I go to the Milky
Way and eat it. It tastes like steak,
looks like mashed potatoes, and smells
like pumpkin pie.

Itzel Jimenez

Used to

I used to be an all-powerful Divine.
But now I am a dollop of sour cream with a dead-end job.

Joey Elliot

Small White-tailed Mouse

White-tailed mouse, why are you so small? I ask.
Because once I was as big as an
elephant, but I dragged my white tail
everywhere, and it got in the way so
a gypsy turned me small.
White-tailed mouse, do you eat cheese? I ask
him curiously. No, because cheese is really
expired milk. White-tailed mouse, why
is your tail as white as snow? I ask
the third time. Because I accidentally dipped
my tail in cold water and it froze up! he
replied. Then the white-tailed mouse asked
me a question. He said, child, why do
you ask so many questions, and I simply
replied I don’t know.

Hannah Weatherlen

Vilonia Public Schools
Vilonia, AR
Date of Visit: October 21 – 22, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Chere’ Beavers
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Collin Callahan and David Kinzer