Springhill Elementary School


The past is a bright and red swing
The present is the handles on grandpa’s lawnmower
that go back and forth when you want to move
The future will be the tea cup that has just been washed
and is drying with its rim down
I never was heavy metal, cold and smooth weights
at the gym
I will become my bow and arrow laying on the

Serene Mian

My Skin Is A Mountain Range

My skin is a mountain range
where a mountain goat is roaming.
My mouth is an echo of a canyon where the
faint eerie sound of a coyote can be heard in the region.
My hands are an ocean of aquatic sea creatures both
friendly and dangerous.
My legs are a tundra where huskies pull a
My eyes are a bird flapping its wings and
flying across the horizon.

Kate Keith

If I Were A Star

If I were a star,
I’d always be sweating,
Tasting the gasses that heat me up.
Seeing the planets and distant neighbors,
Aging slowly, shooting flares.
Endless show of fireworks,
I’m quite a sight to see.

Grant Staufer

At My Favorite Place

The sweet, salty, buttery smell
the male cricket was singing softly to
the beautiful, green female cricket.
Mother, where is my brown and red
recorder for music class?
In my opinion, December is the jolliest,
and happiest month of the year.
nobody notices how her blond hair
flows with the breeze and reveals her
beautifully shining face.
cold, wet ice on the driveway is
slippery as oil.
I last saw I under the office
desk next to the printer.
My sister pathetically threw her
flip-flop at the innocent cricket on
the wall.

Erin Ives

If I Were A Barbie Doll

Oh no! Here they come,
everyone hide, stay still, don’t be
found! It’s play time!

Yanking, pulling, twisting, my
hair! It looks like a mess! I
want back in the box. Don’t
change my dress!

If I could talk I’d say “Stop
kid, stop!” I can’t do the
splits so stop trying to make
me! If you continue you might
just break me!

Emma Cavaneau

The Last Book

The last book ever tells me the story of its life. It told me how mad it was that people invented TV. The last book said she was never picked up by a famous librarian and she never will be since we don’t have libraries anymore. When I found the last book its blue leathery cover was worn off. Its golden letters now read The i f g. The book said that cars pass it and splash water on it. It said a dog licked it and chewed it a while. I could hear its pain in the story.

Rachel Cicero

Broken In A Fight

Yesterday was a mouse’s ears perked up hearing
a cat in Peru
Today is a crane lifting a load of
heavy bricks in New York
Tomorrow will be a short pronged trident broken
in a fight in Rome
I never was a sun rising on the flat,
dry plains in Kansas
But I’ll become an over-lapping race track
in Russia

Brooks Edmonsen

Springhill Elementary School
Alexander, AR
Date of Visit: October 20 – 22, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Leslie Smith
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Michelle Myers and Alice Otto