South Side Elementary School


Grandma’s warm blueberry muffins
a black cat catching gold fish
the wind through the trees
warm fire on a rainy day
a dew wet forest

Katlyn Downes

How to Throw a Party for the Fire Department

Bring a red velvet cake.
As you look around, you see
a smile on every fireman’s
face. With their cheekbones
sticking out, and black smoke
on their faces. They all hop
in Engine 6 and
blow every light and siren

Ciara Meyer


Imagine what it would be like
to live inside a Hyena.
Chatter, chatter, clatter, clatter, constantly

Jacob McJunkins

The Trees Came Alive at Night

The trees came alive at night
their roots became legs
their branches became arms
then grew 10 feet taller
and they started to dance.

William Salinas

We Are

I am a red velvet curtain on a tinted window in my Grandma’s brick home.
You are a red and green polka dotted ornament on Christmas eve under the tree.
I am a daddy long legs on the sidewalk, on Sunday morning in the rain.
You are the tip of a witch’s finger in a candy house in the woods.
I am a fancy shoe for the queen on the throne in New England.
Together, we are a red tennis ball for my new puppy.

Katlyn Downes

Lost & Found

my wrinkled fourth grade report card
cream colored fringe boots
a lucky bird pendant with the crack down the middle

my love for horses after the tragic accident
fear of baby dolls

under my bed in the top left hand corner

Jordyn Bates

Vinegar Pickles

It tasted
Like pickles that have sat in vinegar for a year.
The seawater pricked like a cool icy breaze on
my tongue. The sight of the others around me is
somewhat unpleasant. The smell of so much
salt made my eyes start to tear.

Hannah Rae Maulden

My Anger

feels like a furry raccoon,
tastes like notebook paper,
sounds like an angry pig,
smells like red peppers,
looks like a three
headed tiger.


You know you’re in Morgington When

You know you’re in Morgington
when you see few houses.
You see many fields.
Fields full of cows and horses.
Yards complete with dogs
chasing squirrels.
All of which I have grown
up with and known all my
You see hunters and woods
and creeks.
You see ponds with grey green
water and dark green algae.
You smell fresh air of honey-
suckle and pine.
You see gardens and farmers.
You see hay bales and people
hauling them.
You see smiling faces who
appreciate what they have.


Ode to a #2 Pencil

Your handle soft as a baby’s bottom
When you write it is as dark as a cold
Winter night
A magical tip that erases all mistakes
The lead everlasting, never gets used up
We need a microscope to read the writing on you

Sevon Hurt

Lorenzo, Texas

You know you’re at my meemas
when you see a van buren st. sign,
you see a whole bunch of houses
with little mexican kids running
out these doors to play street
football, When you come up to a white house
with a patio full of relatives talking
to each other, you see a golden
lab jump on you, a playground
across the street with kids
having fun, And you hear honking
noises for kids to get out of
the way. When you go inside and
smell fried rice cooking. That is
when you know you’re at my meemas.


My Anger

My anger lives in my attic
His skin feels as tough as armor
He smells worse than my brother’s sneakers
My Anger looks like a ten ton elephant
My Anger roars louder than lions
He tastes like a piece of rotten cheese

Sevon Hurt

South Side Elementary School
Bee Branch, AR
Date of Visit: April 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Sara Roland
Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Adrian McBride, Alice Otto, and Max Thompson