Richland Elementary School


There I stand in the kitchen
listening to the water drip out of the faucet
when a green-haired man came in the kitchen.
He said he wanted my money, but I said no.
He walked closer towards me, across the circled tiles.
Luckily I had just got done waxing the floor.

Olivia Ellis

Elimination Dance

People that only eat the bread on a
Anyone that randomly bursts out
singing at a shopping mall.
Men that can hear dead people talk
at a smoothie place.
Children that smell like vanilla.
People that eat cardboard for food.
British people that can’t seem to touch
wet, orange paper.
Chinese gymnasts who can’t do a cartwheel
without eating a donut.
Women who go into the wrong bathroom
everywhere they go.
Australian people that have dreads.

Addison Standridge

Rules For Taking A Bath

Hear the water running.
Watch the sharks swim in the tub.
Smell the Axe shampoo.
Reel the sharks biting in my skin.
Taste the blood.

Lawson White


My brother turned in
to a house. His hair
is red as the paint of
the house, his freckles are
the shingles on the roof
his eyes are the windows
his mouth is the red door.

J.D. Lane

Red Crayons

My brother is a red crayon
because he has asthma.
But he doesn’t know
one thing about science.

Rodney Richardson

My Rose

My Rose is bloodthirsty
I am the only one who can touch it
When I am gone he sends me selfies
He will mourn for me
When I return he gives me a hug
When it is 63 outside he is 103
He will give me a hug and it will turn summer
My Rose is extraordinary

Lexi Morris

Richland Elementary School
West Memphis, AR
Date of Visit: April 21 – 22, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Gwendolyn Looney
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: S. Craig and Michelle Myers