Reed Elementary School


There was the Eltz Castle in Germany
It’s filled with babies
some babies are chunky monkeys
others are slim jims
A lot of the babies are crying
Some babies have blue eyes like jay birds
Some babies have brown eyes like a tree
There’s lots of babies in the Eltz Castle

Macy Hill

Men Made Out of Words

Men are made out of nappy
words you can’t untangle. No matter
how many times you brush, it
won’t untangle. No matter how many
times you wash it, it won’t untangle.
The men with nappy words are sad.

Damarion Russell

Snow and Stars

Stars are like snow.
Stars are as soft as snow. Snow
is as white as stars. Stars are the
light for snow, and snow is the coldness
of the stars. Snow is the ice and the
white color of the stars. Snow and stars
are both alike they are happy and bright.

Lindsey Ketchens

In the Kitchen

I’m in a fabulous golden
kitchen eating pancakes
with syrup dripping from
the plate like water
and Sunny D spilling
across the wooden fancy
table and my mom
screaming her head
off saying “Clean up
all of this mess, and
put me some pizza
in the microwave.”
I slipped across
the slippery floor
where the dripping
syrup and Sunny D
was at and my
mom looking with
her eyes poked out
of her head; then
I turned around,
and the
golden kitchen
was filled with
syrup and Sunny D.

Quatarious Lee

How to Fall in Love

I lie on the soft, wet grass; I look at the sky,
seeing nothing but beautiful stars. Then I
shut my eyes just to think of finally having sight
of a comet or at least a shooting star to wish
that a comet would appear, but then I thought
that’s not true, it won’t happen. Just as I
was about to leave, I see a comet.
I thought I saw a face on it, so I just
walked away, like nothing happened.

Kwame Jordan

Blood Hit the Ground

Before blood hit the ground, I
fell onto my 4 wheeler, I took
gas out the 4 wheeler, I took
breakfast out of my mouth
and then put it on a plate,
cut the light on, lay
down in bed. I fell asleep.

Alexandria Carbage

Reed Elementary School
Dumas, AR
Date of Visit: March 12 – 13, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Caroline Lampinen
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 35
Visiting Writers: John Scott and Joe Trimble