Manila High School


Myself, one with the natural beauty that surrounds me
green lush trees, scurrying squirrels, and rushing rivers
trickling water, the whistle of the wind, and chirping birds
the freshness of the grass and the humidity of the heat
the purity in the air and my peacefulness growing like
an oak.

Macenzie Tate


I hear the rapid heartbeats and
joy-filled voices.
I taste that shy first kiss in the middle of
the summer.
I feel the butterflies in their stomachs
when together.
I see the sparkling eyes meeting for
the first time.

Kourtnie Clements


She felt her most alone
in a crowd of people know that
they were all judging her

Amber Stallings

Neon Sign

So much depends
a neon open
Raging with many
Beside the red

Kyle Joyner


the sweetness of my loved ones
the kindness of their hugs.
the smiles on their faces
the laughter of my baby sister
the tears of memories long gone.

Kayla Trammel


So much depends upon
a brown chicken
small with plucked feathers
beside the hug McDonald’s sign, running
for its life.

Zack Ballard

Manila High School
Manila, AR
Date of Visit: March 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Robin Baugher
Visiting Writers: Stu Dearnley and Adrian McBride