Ledbetter Intermediate School


step one get a sharp knife
step two get a good piece of wood that is
step three sit down and think of what you
want to carve; you are carving a frog
step four start whittling
step five when done varnish
and that is how to create

Alexis Rodinsos

Today When I Cleaned the Kitchen

Today when I cleaned the kitchen, I
whimpered and whined. I told my mom, “I
would not do it.” She said, “Fine, but kiss
that party goodbye.” I pouted some and told her
I would, but I would not be happy.

I stomped into the kitchen and made a
ruckus. All I saw was Junk, Junk, Junk. The
dishes were piled to the sky, I told mom
that our dishwasher was only so big. She said

Abbi Petersen

A Missed Opportunity

The day was coming.
It was coming fast around
the corner like a racer on
the last lap. The day was
Sad with a hard to read
face, the day did not like
the way it was placed.
The day was coming and it
was tearing down everything
in its path.

The day was now here
it was brining its worst,
with a dark mean scowl.
I flicked it away, it was
no harm to me, just
a fear that I hit away
with a homerun.

Erin Blackwell

I Am

I am a mammoth I am the only one of
my relatives that survived the ice age
My tusks are white and my hair is extravagantly long
I try and get my hair cut, but no one
lets me in these so called places called barber shops
How has our world changed
What are these things with wheels that roll
along this black ground, and what are these
things that talk, laugh and are as small as an
ant. Are they ants? I will never know until I go
to school and learn.

Omar Qedan

When I ate Science

I ate science and
I felt queasy my stomach
begins to rumble all the
chemicals don’t agree with me
never mind that’s the school
lunch talking

Rebecca Williams

To Swallow a Tsunami

Big blue, tale, and loud
smooth, fast
You’re scared to death
That you won’t make it
roar goes the water and
out with the lights
hopefully you will survive
through the night
Splish, Splash there goes
the 400 ft. waves
You are supposed to swallow a
Tsunami through your skull
it hurts so much just to think
it smells like sharks and other fish.
Get where the water can’t go.


Elise Deoling

Ledbetter Intermediate School
Farmington, AR
Date of Visit: April 16 – 17, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Luther
Grade Level: 5
Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Kathleen Heil and Larissa Sprecher