Grace Hill Elementary School


The night is cold
moon is shining, stars are out
and everybody is
a beautiful
as they
walk down
the old
dirt road
the boy
to sleep.

Antonio Rayon Zamora


Boulerock is a golden silver rock
it can be in the Jungle
it is as huge as a
Pine tree it can grow on
the North pole or in the
sea it can also talk to

Luis Martinez

So Much Depends

So much depends upon a slimy
green bike flying with stars
flying with stars
beside the blue frog.

Emily Carpenter

I Am

I am an attacking ninja that
stole the moon. I am a famous ice-skating whale.
I am an icky owl digging through a glorious
trashcan. I am a famous singing potato.
I am a suspicious honey lake. I am a forgetful
glorious pig.

Natalie Vivar

4th Grade Pelikitten

I was sleeping in my
Kitty Napper lined with straw.
I woke up beak-down.
My mommy made me fish.
My grandma wasn’t home.
My dad was tapping a rock,
because he was bored.
I flew to school with my brother,
Diego, on my back, Jesse the tiger
was crazy so I stuffed him in my
beak to cradle and calm him.
Today at school my tail was
swishing around like crazy.
There was a flying test and
I didn’t study! I was just
doing loopty-loops all day.
But I was the top star on
the test because loopty-loops
are worth 100,000,000 points!
I am so lucky to be a rare

Megan Gallardo

Starry Night

Houses red,
yellow & black
fell like hard wooden
trees glancing in the moon,
seeing children in their
beds sleeping in
a starry night,
wind is blowing
fast but slow
making tree leaves fly
when the children
are sleeping
the houses stay so still.
Making sure that they
are peaceful
they grow hot then cold
strong houses in the
night that you
need them to stay
alive. dead
and alive the houses
never leave you because
they know that you
are always needing them.
Starry night.

Emily Bridges

Grace Hill Elementary School
Rogers, AR
Date of Visit: November 5 – 6, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Jennie Rehl
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Kevin Corbett, Willi Goehring, Josh Idaszak, and Molly Rector