Buffalo Island Central West Elementary School


I’ve been thinking
about living like
the blue jays.
The gallant
majestic coat
of blue that
I would wear.
My long
stupendous beak
of mine. I would
whistle a smooth
song all Spring
long. What I mean
is, that you
would see me
standing on a
Maple Tree flying

Eli Teeta

The ballerina-like Deer

Across the wide forest,
something comes galloping,
a graceful ballerina.
It moves on its hooves majestically.
It sounds like a pair of flip flops
It feels like a firm cloud.
Oh, what will I do when it runs away.

Grady Peel

Song to Bacon

It improves my stomach by keeping
it from starving. It sizzles lyrics in the
pan and crunches when I eat it.
The saltiness I taste does
wonders for my mouth. Bacon is the
boss not known much until you
put it in your mouth and pops
like the lead singer.

Cody Harrell


With a world of insects and bugs
there is only one pest.
A pest that destroys the world
and that pest keeps growing and growing
and the only thing that can
destroy that pest is that pest slowly
destroying itself every day

Cody Martin

How to see cheetahs

Forget the lawnmowers,
and move to the tall
grass of Africa.
It silently stalks
his prey, waiting
for the time.
It looks and
smells you
so far away.
But whatever
you do don’t let
it taste you.

Brayden Carmichael

December Horse

Before waking up, I
looked at the sky,
I saw wild
horses running through
the stars. As I
watched I noticed
dogs appearing.
Minutes later there were
men herding cattle, horses, and
wild, fluffy sheep.

Why don’t I see that
every night? Then, a bull
appears! Every horse breaks
away from each other.
One colt
left in the bull’s
path. The stars
started dancing, wanting to
know what was coming next,
But it
all stopped and sunlight
came through the window
and everything
changed. I fell off my brown
and turquoise bed onto the concrete

Haley Milligan

Buffalo Island Central West Elementary School
Monette, AR
Date of Visit: December 6 – 7, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Terri Cossey and Dr. Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Kathleen Heil and Diana Reaves