Woodlawn High School


Out of damp forests
out of wisping trees
from darkness they jump
come ears as tall as trees
out of sharp cages
out of soft furry skin
come spirits who roam the Earth on end.
They jump they Rabbit
out of bright day
come to the rain
from miserable creatures
come spirits to play.
They jump the Rabbit
out of tall grass and into the garden
come eve of all Rabbits.
They jump they Rabbit.

McCallie Hall

What is a Soul?

There is a pond
where a white goose
chases the cows
away from the water

Krystal Fleetwood


You watch me through the cages.
You mock me.
You taunt me.
Why am I your entertainment?
Why am I on the inside?
You throw your stones at me.
You don’t care.
I have feelings too.
Your loud voice chants in my ears.
Bursting like drums.
I wish to be wild.
And free.
And you can be on the inside.

Kasey Sowrheaver

They Leap They Frog

Out of the pond of which is known
Out of the hunger towards the fly
Out of the Mother Nature’s belly
From the water’s depth that hold tight
From danger’s grasp
From all that is familiar
Come on to dirt, fresh and new
Come explore the vast, open land
Come experience all that awaits
They leap they frog

Monica Mitchell


So much depends
a yellow
glazed in
by the white pitching

Tiffany Steadham

They Fly They Bird

Out of trees and branches
Out of falling down to the earth
Out of soaring through sky
Out of white clouds on a sunny spring day
Out of rising higher and higher
Out of seeing the objects below shrinking and shrinking
From the heavens to the ground
From flying to falling
Out of riding the wind
Out of Earth’s bright blue roof
They fly they bird

Britton Hargrave

Woodlawn High School
Rison, AR
Date of Visit: April 29 – 30, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Michelle Mercer
Grade Levels: 7, 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Josh Brown and Kevin Corbett