Weaver Elementary School


It’s sweltering
All I see is cacti
The humans are driving me to extinction
I am on the endangered list
All I hear is Spanish
It smells like meat and beans
All I feel is hot rocks burning through my feet
This place is weird because
I’m a red wolf in Mexico

Quin Johnson

I Have an Imaginary Friend Named

I have an imaginary friend
named Onomatopoeia. She works
at American Flag. Onomatopoeia
eats sister for food. Her favorite
color is shoes. Onomatopoeia
touches her pet named Football
Helmet for good luck. The
house tastes so good for
her snack. She gained too many
pounds from that so she
started eating elephants for
her diet. You know, cause they’re
so small. Onomatopoeia catches
a cold. She spits the cold out
and now she’s hot.

Maryah Aldridge

You Know You’re in West Memphis

You know you’re in West Memphis, water
so calm like a peaceful Saturday night. The
grass is an ocean with waves. West
Memphis is a snail with no shell.
The wind is blowing like you are playing
a tuba. You see a dog patrolling the
street like a police car. The dark night
sky, so peacefully around us. It
feels like you’re eating a piece of
pie. The big pillows roar through the
sky like it’s driving a plane. You
know West Memphis.

Lorenza Alls


I have a coupon from the
buffet market place to
receive one piece of buffet
wing to conjunction with another
offer value and May is an issue
our street 1264th
And I’m going to see Lion King on
May 24th at 8:04 and I’m going to
BBQ Pit Stop while Hillary Clinton
was at Lion King and a Burger King.

I’myra Robinson

My Tree House is Like Heaven with Wings

My tree house is like Heaven
with wings.

The zoo is like a mouse with a

My nightmare is like my
best dream on Mars.

The ball is like a
rhino with arms.

The sewer is like an
out of date
cookie with flies.

The boy is like a weight
lifter with no muscles.

The helmet is like a
brain with no skull.

The nerd is like a
math genius with no brain.

Chanselar Farrow

A Hamster in Nassau, Bahamas

Kick, bump, shove, step, tussle
This is what is happening to me

I scurried to the side of the street
I see giants marching by

Then I see a letter in the distance
It’s a humongous “A”!

So I ran to see what it was
Oh me, Oh my, It’s Atlantis!!

I slipped in without being noticed
Found a pool, and took a dip

All of a sudden…
Splash!!! Looks like Godzilla just came

A woman sat in the pool and to the water with her
Now I’m visible

Everyone screams and runs
I’m all alone in the pool

And that’s my life
Living in the Bahamas

Aaliyah Bryant

Weaver Elementary School
West Memphis, AR
Date of Visit: May 15 – 16, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Sheila Grissom
Grade Levels: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Katie Nichol and Eszter Takacs