Southside High School


The bright ballroom glare
The lively smile of her
I am in a daze.

Grant Long

Chore for Father

Looks the same, since he left.
Keep it clean, keep it well.
Dust away the time which accumulates on
the Desk. Keep the room the same, as
if he never left.

Seth Morgan


Out in the front by the ugly hedge
trimmer in hand bright and red
I mince away at the leaves
I tear through the twigs
away with the ungainly branches
off with the being unwanted
gone is the feel of dread
shredded are the failed expectations
destroyed all the tribulations
sliced are all of my fears
trimmed away to see clearer
trimmed more neat than I am.

Zack Reed

Tragic Attic

The top of a house an attic.
The top of the human body the mind.
My mind is like an attic full
Full of special memories from the
past. Yet nothing useful in the present.
Old baby pictures, wedding pictures
my great grandpa’s old couch and
my nana’s painting.
All from the past.
All are meaningful with sentimental
value never forgotten.
The attic holds old Barbie dolls
and Christmas decorations from the present
Those of which are not as important
My attic is full and so is my
Mind. Time to clean both out to make
room for my future.
Which is much more valuable then
the present.

Anna Heatherly

feeding animal

Feed the fish
Gravitate to the cat
And then the dog
Steadily the animals grow in size
From the dog, to the pigs
In their glorious stalls
To the cows, then the horses
In their lush green fields
Feeding every day
The same monotonous routine
Seeming as if I’m in an endless cycle,
Everyday starting with the fish.

Ashton Clark


My love for you is like a neon light
under a Black light, Bright as can be.
Some say my heart is like concrete,
Blank and mysterious, but what they
don’t know is it’s a race to get to your heart.
Some may prank, some may drink, but
I will camp anywhere I have to in order
to be your knight. I will bring you unlimited
yellow sunflowers along with charms that will break a smile
my love for you is like the Titanic hitting a
Glacier. Anything is possible even if it’s said that it
can’t be done.

Bo Small

Southside High School
Batesville, AR
Date of Visit: April 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Teri Kimmer
Grade Levels: 11, 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Aran Donovan and Adrian McBride