KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School


Have you ever thought you was one thing your whole life then found out
you wasn’t?
Ever group you was in you didn’t really fit it?
Have there been a national argument about what you classify as?
And it’s still debated today
Am I fruit or a vegetable?

Jasmine Henderson

How to Digest an Earthquake

Feeling like you’re a light object just shakes around
Not through your esophagus but through your skull
Whether it’s big or not just relax let your bleacher
Seal your rumble with your shakeness. But don’t go head

Tavian Shackelford

Hard Work Pays Off

He suffers from wanting to make
it syndrome and his friends give him
the 504 on how to get it but his
mind only wonders about the car that
rides around his neighborhood but
curiously doesn’t understand you gotta get
out here and grind because the wise man
always tell him hard work pays off

Dontevrious Ayers


It is odd where I live
A place where the sun doesn’t shine, but it’s not hell
Smelling of rotten, dead fish and ocean water
When you go too far you’ll get lost
A belly of a whale is where I stand
It feels so funny, squishy and such
but it feels like home to me
All alone but I am not afraid
Living in a whale isn’t really fair
But it’s a place where I will live
Until I’m blown out into the sky

Kamelian Williams

How To Capture Lightening

Grab your bag and stereo
create a dance move in the rain
when the thunder sounds
clap your hands
when lightening strikes
clench your fist
cut to 3 and click them heels
head high and grab the sky
open then close the bag
when it strikes in your head
open it to get shocked
guess what
you’ve caught lightening

Patrick Banks

KIPP: Delta Collegiate High School
Helena-West Helena, AR
Dates of Visit: November 11 – 12, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Vivian Sisk
Grade Level: 12
Appx. Number Students Served: 30
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford and Megan Blankenship