Helen Tyson Middle School


So much depends upon a black shoe
Glazed in the mist from the morning grass
by the yellow pants

Victor Cordozoa

You know you’re in Datona, FL when

You see hotels and
a lot of sand.
And when you see Disneyland signs
People at the beach
and lots of billboard
signs of fun places.
Lots of Gator fans and
traffic. Lights at night.

Melanie Castillo


A poem is a way of saying something like a kind of secret way.

Joel Aldaco


My anger is as
red as a cherry on a tree.
My sadness is as
dry as cracked lips on a hot day.
My excitement is as
cold as a snowman on a snowy day.



a brown walking stick
climbs the tree
New York’s streets
are crowded like a beehive
the swamp is full of
lily pads and frogs
the white baseball is
flying like a rocket in
the sky
Earth has beautiful
crystal clear water
the angry, hungry
shark is looking
for fish
the mocking bird
sings like an angel
the walking stick
camouflages in the
rotten tree.

Kassandra Garcia


The breeze tasted like a faded grape lollypop.
The breeze felt like a warm, comfy blanket.
The breeze smelled like fresh fruit.
The breeze looked like a slow tunnel of air.
The breeze sounded like birds singing a beautiful song.

Leyda De la Cruz


The rabbit jumping around the moon
Moving like it’s an earthquake
The rabbit running around

Odalis Gomez


The summer tasted
like bark on a tree.
It felt like the burning
sun. It smelt like
sunscreen and cookies.
It looked like kids
running in the sun.
It sounded like a
screaming horse.

Chloe Reed

My Loneliness

My loneliness has all the same traits as me his name is blu and he is blue.
My loneliness eats all the time
My loneliness is really outrageous
He’s annoyingly loud
My loneliness will sometimes prank you
Blu will take your stuff say he will return it and never will
My loneliness can have some blonde moments, and well he gets them from me
But I have to say gotta love my

Abby Bryan


My fear is as red as blood.
My sadness is as cold as a demon’s heart.
My nervousness is as dry as dirt.

Azuceno Bravo


I live in a computer, everytime you turn me on I am taking a shower with all my documents.

Arlene M. G.


Friday is a bag of skittles
Friday is hard laughing of an old grandma
Friday is cherries
Friday is a cold big drink of lemonade
Friday is sitting on a lot of cottonballs

Melanie Cortes


splish splash The water is thousands of buckets of salt. It is someone hitting you with a rock in the face. It is as cold as ice.

Jose Perez


Bravery is a guy who would die for his family.
Bravery is a perfect speech.
Bravery is nothing.
Bravery is fresh air.
Bravery is you’re the man that would jump out of the house.


Outside the Window

I see war
punches are being thrown
outrageous comments
weapons come out
what is that I hear?
Grandma and Grandpa are fighting again
O’brother what now
my backyard
My backyard



Anger is hot boiling vinegar
scented water.

Anger is pitch black

Anger is like a lion being
bothered while eating.

Anger hurts bright colors.

Anger looks like a black

Anger sounds like a bear!

Lupita Pineda


The red polka-dotted ladybug was sitting on a rose petal
The wonderful state of Arkansas is pretty as the amazon
The clear and salty ocean makes my feet want to get in it
The white and round volleyball goes over the rectangle net.
The red and orange and ginormous Jupiter has a red eye
An angelfish is filled with bright colors and glows
in the dark
Red robins are as smooth as a feather
The red polka-dotted ladybug was sitting on a
rose petal?

Angelica Martinez

Found Poem

His intent,
his full intent,
became clear.
This is one
of his
death traps.
He was
going to kill
everyone in
that mountain.
That made sense
since that mountain
made weapons that
killed tons of
people everyday.

Zoe Winfrey


Her eyes are like deep green forests
Her palms are as soft as a baby’s blanket
Her dirty blonde hair is like the first leaf of fall

Her velvety lips are as red as roses

Her cries are triumphant and brave

She smells like a flowery goddess

When you look at her you see an ancient Greek warrior

And her name is Rachel and
She is the best friend a girl could ever have


My excitement

My excitement lives under my bed. When my
Excitement comes out and plays, he smells like…
stir fry. When my head lays on the pillow my
excitement is the cotton.

Angel Xaysanasy


My mom is fall whenever she’s
mad her face turns red like the
color of the leaves on the

Salvador Ayala


A poem is like a lunar rainbow.

Darian Wright


Anger is as red as blood
spilled on lava,
it is something
dead caught on fire.
It is the sharp blade
and is a human
being tortured for all eternity.

Bryant Pelkey

To swallow a lightning bolt

Have you ever swallowed a lightning bolt?
The lightning bolt goes through our
body as if you were water. All you can
see are flashes of old memories oh sweet
o’ memories. The smell is like watching
a person drown and you can’t do
ANYTHING to help them. It smells like
burning plastic. The only thing you
feel is energy going through your body
making you want to *BURST!* Then
all is quiet and it’s as if nothing
ever occurred. You feel worn out and
useless. But suddenly you become stronger
because people say what doesn’t kill
you makes you stronger. To swallow
a lightning bolt.

Angela Zavala

Black Is

As dark as the feathers of a raven.
The sour taste of black coffee.
The choking smell of thick smoke.
Like a constant dripping of oil.
Flakey like burned paper.

Corbin Findstand

Fruit Fly

Aloha, my name is Bernie the fruit fly. Nobody ever notices me. I am very tiny, I have no family, well unless you count my mother you got stepped on and squished. I have two wings and I fly faster than a jack rabbit. You may see me around, I can hear you speak to me but you cannot hear me speak to you.
I am Bernie the lonely fruit fly.

Mary Elizabeth Martin


So much depends upon
a red and yellow pizza
Glazed in ranch
by the cup filled with coke

Nancy Roman

The Door to Fall

The door to fall is like smelling a chocolate pie.
The door to fall is like having your taste buds change.
The door to fall is like jumping into leaves.
The door to fall is like taking allergy medicine.
The door to fall is like riding your bike.
The door to fall is like having a football in your hand.
The door to fall is my second favorite season.

Patrick Krohal

Purple Is

The color that clams me down
It tastes like sweet sugar berry plums.

Cindy H.


Fall is a firefighter putting out all the
fires from summer. With its heavy rains
and cold winds the fire is gone like summer.
The only fires are the ones in chimneys.
keeping us warm until the fires next

Nancy Roman


The Fly was as black as an eclipse
In California that scorching summer
The big ocean was still like ice
The guys playing football in the sand
The sand was red like Mars
Catching salmon every minute
Seeing cranes in the distance
But the black eclipse fly was still there

Lilly Simmon

The year they outlawed Fireworks

The year they outlawed
Fireworks 4th of July was boring.
You couldn’t blow anything up. You coul-
dn’t celebrate with your families.
The only good thing was your step
Mom couldn’t blow the whole yard up.
The tub, the tile we put under it by
putting the firework upside
down so it wouldn’t go up but
it went down. You miss the days when
you were trying to hit each other
with pop rocks and black cats.

Grayson Hill


Cyan is fresh Roses
Cyan is sea salt
Cyan is smooth fabric
Cyan is waves washing on shore
Cyan is Heavenly sky

Will Salts

Helen Tyson Middle School
Springdale, AR
Dates of Visit: September 2013
Faculty Sponsors: Claudia Allgood and Jessica Elledge
Appx. Number Students Served: 300
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Kevin Corbett, Kimberly Driggers, Kevin Dougherty, Kathleen Heil, Jesse Irwin, Adrian McBride, Molly Rector, Chris Tamigi, and Max Thompson