Fairview Elementary School


I am a hook with a lot of smooth fishing lines on it
you are a Mohawk with a stick piercing through it.
I am a snake trying to get its prey is a deer
you are a cross for destiny.
we are a head without eyes, or a mouth, or a nose, or ears.

Jason Telles

If a Leopard was a Lunchbox

I will see him all day long
and it might just open the lunchbox by itself
or it is going to talk to me
and say eat all of this food
it’s white and yellow and orange
and it will be empty when I eat my food
and my lunchbox will be hungry.

Ryan Bias

the zebra on the farm

I am a zebra I live on a farm I smell my farmer a mile away like fresh green grass in the air I can see him too and I hear him and I feel him touching my fur. and I can see children playing outside while me and my baby zebra are sleeping in our gate. Goodbye baby zebra!

Tatiana Jones

I am for what I am

The sun going down, yellow and pink.
A ladder going up to a 2 story house that has yellow walls.
A coffee table that is brown holding some steak on a plate.
A giraffe with horns that are fluffy and furry.
A vase that is red and green that has red and pink roses.

Chloe Randall


Feels like you’re
getting bitten by a hundred ants.

smells like a volcano
spilling lava
with smoke rising.

tastes like rocks
out of the mushy wet ground.

sounds like screaming
through the darkened hall.

looks like a tornado
that rampaged through the city.

Jesse Ororke

If I was a cow

If I was a cow I would like to stay out in the cold
I would play in the snow.
I would take a nap.
I would eat the ice falling from the sky.
I would take a nice cold bath.
I would see a penguin eating a fish.

Kristen Semajea Lloyd

Hawaii in the Summer

I will see bright waves in Hawaii.
I will feel the sand in my shoes.
I wills melt he fresh water.
I would taste the fresh water.
I will hear the whales and dolphins
crying because they are lost
in the deep part of the water.
I was happy that I was on the beach
but sad that the whales and dolphins are crying.
It was a dolphin and a whale thought I was one of their family members.

Dmontre Ellis

Fairview Elementary School
Texarkana, AR
Date of Visit: November 11 – 12, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Erica Fouche
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Alice Otto and Molly Rector