Eagle Mountain Elementary School


he wants to dress up like it was Halloween
he speak jibber jabber
he speak words no one know.
he have a sword everywhere he went
he was very weird too.

Kendall Box

Medusa and Frankenstein

One day, Medusa decided to go on a date
with Frankenstein. So, she meets him at a coffee shop.
After their date, the next day, they were so in love
that they looked into each other’s eyes.
He turned into stone. Medusa from this day on
drinks coffee every morning
and turns people into stone for her hallway.

Brianna Walker


My mommy aches all over. I tell her
she needs to go to a chiropractor.
She doesn’t go to the chiropractor.
She will be like a sore kitten
that just got declawed.


Dr. Seuss Goes to School

Dr. Seuss is getting on the school bus,
He sees kids playing hide and seek,
He smells fresh air and roses,
He tastes strawberries,
He hears screaming and laughing from all around,
He feels the warmth of the sun on his hands,
He thinks life is fun.

Perla Jimenez

I Came Across a Cow

I came across a cow eating
butter at a bakery. I asked the cow,
“Do you like that butter?” The cow said,
“Butter is my favorite food, I adore it!” And I said,
“Me too, amigo!” Let’s be Friends!”
So me and the cow lived
happily ever after!

Caroline Fortenberry

Among Stars

Bright Star! If I lasted as long as you
I’d soar through the sky like you; I’d
be bright like you. Bright Star!
If I could see everyone I’d give them
praise for the good things they do. If I lived
as long as you, I would have done those things
and been a Bright Star like you too.
I see you Bright Star, still shining your light
on the city below. Keep doing on, Bright Star;
I’m proud of you, live very long.

Grace Neanille

Eagle Mountain Elementary School
Batesville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 3 – 4, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Julie Reardon
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 110
Visiting Writers: Willi Goehring and John Scott