Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative


My grandma dress with a yellow jacket
She dance pretty good!
We eat oranges
(Sneeze) I smell the oranges,
Then we saw a fish swimming
Squash! The fish jump out of the water
My grandma dress now with a purple jacket, cause the water
Now she is dancing jazz

Ana Camacho

That Special Day

Pink flowers is the first thing I remember
Those pretty, delicate flowers that if boxed, the box would read “fragile handle with care”
The way those pink flowers rustled with the swish of the dress
That beautiful white dress with pink lace at the bottom and top
The lace swirled with the flowers in the gentle breeze
Then it stopped
Everything was still
Dozens of people all eyes pointing at one direction, one person, me
“I do”

Sophia Pegues

Don’t Come Back

The revenge of the skunk ape is what I am going to tell you about! I was playing at Madison’s house when we noticed a giant shadow hovering over us. We looked up and saw a giant animal. It was a skunk ape! We ran inside and watched out the window. All of a sudden a giant hole appeared and swallowed the skunk ape up.

Lauren Reynolds

Wonder Woman Blunder Broombash

Today Wonder Woman was helping the lizard beat Spiderman, littering, robbed a bank, ding dong ditched, ditched her friends at the movies, and caused a war between Metropolis and India.


Weird Invitation

Those people who have wondered when unicorns are going to come
Those who eat sandals all day.
Those who scream Jerry loves Karla
Those who have pandas that watch Tivo like people.
Those who think sweet tea is unsweet tea.
Those who cut off their ears and noses.
Those who wonder if martians are alive.
All those people are invited to my Aunt Vanessa’s party.



Tunnel games is a game we made up
You can splash water and throw pinecones
We dug the tunnels ourselves
You can feel the water soak your clothes
Unlike any other we have no reason to leave
You can hear the pinecones under your feet
But when it gets cold enough we have to camouflage it
You can still come just don’t wreck our tunnel games
We’ll be back next summer

Kriscia Ausler

Bad Spiderman Bad

One time Spiderman shoved an old lady
He also went ding dong ditching with Iron Man
He likes to cut in line at the cafe
What kind of hero is that!

Kendal Ritchey


If you hold my hand
I’ll love you.
If you walk by me
I’ll hold you
If you become a friend
I’ll know you.
If you love me,
I’ll believe you.

Katelynn McNamara


At a very small but yet beautiful body of water. It is not a stream but it is not a creek. It is the perfect size. It flows down stream creating small but yet fearsome rapids. The water flows at the perfect pace to keep a father’s and son’s handmade boats afloat at the end but constantly down under on the way. This place still has yet to be loved by others as much as I love it.

Parker Benton

What To Know

True feelings come from the heart
Not from the polluted brain
Those words were impressed
Into you and I wish to tell them
To you the same way

Think before you act
You’ve heard that
Well feel before you think

Feeling gets away from you
Bring it back
Understanding goes and following comes
Bring it back

Your brain tells you this
Your heart tells you that
Which one do you listen to
Everyone tells you to speak
How you feel
But they tell you to think
About your feelings
Think about what you feel then act

Sophia Pegues

To Be Thankful

My breath out and in
My voice, soft and gentle
These make me thankful
My knowledge, limited for now
My sister who doesn’t exist
For these I am thankful
A melody
A spanish phrase; the sun
I am grateful, I am thankful
For these things, are a yes!

Katelynn McNamara

Arch Ford Educational Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Date of Visit: October 31 – November 1, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Sally Stuart
Appx. Number Students Served: 150
Visiting Writers: Willi Goehring, Jesse Irwin, David Kinzer, and Jack O’Neal