Woodland Junior High School


What do we dream about?
We don’t dream of pink peacocks,
people with tails, floating pen and quills,
don’t dream about albino leopards
and dancing raccoons.

We dream about teachers talking,
abandoned, dusty books,
dream about waking up
and of dark, haunted memories.

Audrey Walker

What is life?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like…
It feels like a new puppy on Christmas morning.
It tastes like fresh cut cantaloupe on a dead summer day.
It smells like fresh Rocky Mountain water straight from the earth.
It looks like a joyful ride on a rollercoaster that never has an ending.
It sounds like a bunch of rice cooked fresh just for me.

Cassidy Valenzuela

What people don’t dream about

People don’t dream about purple hippos flying through the night sky,
or a line of dominoes ready to fall begin marching in
different shapes and patterns, playing their bright instruments,
or drawings of orange kittens becoming alive and leaping off their page.

They dream about brushing their teeth,
and washing their hands with the same old school soap,
driving their cars to work on the same boring route,
or putting more paper into the printer again.

Alise Crippen

People don’t dream about

People don’t dream about
hippos doing acrobatics,
rainbow trees or
textbooks coming to life to give answers.

People dream about
cars at a stop light,
plants in a pot,
milk in the fridge.

Mary Larkin Furlow

Friendship tastes

Friendship tastes like sweet warm cookies fresh out
of the oven.
Friendship smells like the candle your mom always burns.
It feels like a cozy fluffy soft blanket.
It sounds like birds chirping on a bright,
Spring morning.
Friendship looks like just cut green grass.

Anna Gentry

Most people don’t dream

Most people don’t dream about
aqua-marine labradoodles,
magenta horseback riders or
Navy sergeants winning a unicorn race.

Most people do dream about
their pencil running out of lead,
a car in a parking lot, or
just a bland red t-shirt.

Katy Beth Ezell

Woodland Junior High School
Fayetteville, AR
Date of Visit: October 22 – 23, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Angela McCutcheon
Grade Level: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 20
Visiting Writers: Stefan de la Garza and Stu Dearnley