Westside Elementary School


You help me sleep when
I have to go to bed at night.
You keep me comfortable
at night. You help keep me
warm when I’m cold. You keep
me from getting sick. You help make
it easy to stay from the cold. You
make me tired at night. You help
me a lot by covering me up at
night. You help out a lot.

Ethan Simmons

What People Dream

People don’t dream about
eating a monkey on
a peanut butter sandwich.
Smelling a frog on a
taco. Touching a mouse
on a hamburger.
Hearing a bee in your ear.

What people don’t dream about
reading a book while lying
on a bed. Drinking tea on
a porch.

Claire Parker

How to Fall in Love

You help me with my taxes and
my bills. You help me when I
am sick and at the doctor’s office
when I have to pay for the medication,
and what they helped me with to make
me feel better. You help me buy
my food every day. you help me
buy some clothes when I’m out.

Bailey Griffith

What people dream about

People don’t dream about weird pink cows
eating purple grass and funny looking horses
that eat schools and people eating red grass.
and weird looking monkeys that eat grass.

People do dream about going fishing and
having to touch their slimy sides and eating
and working out in a gym and eating broccoli
and eating their vegetables and getting sick and
having the chicken pocks and having a sun burn
for not putting sunscreen on.

Emily Vannoy


The freezing crisp air
Cold enough to freeze your toes
Cold enough to snow!

Lexee Edwards

People Never Dream About

People never dream about pink dogs
having green and blue puppies playing
with blue and pink cats playing with
a green person playing with a pink

People always dream about being rich
having money to buy a Big Big house
and a nice car to drive and more
money to buy a lot of nice things like
food and phones.

Karley Davis

What people dream about

People don’t dream about a banana
pushing a fridge an an oven and
screaming about its mom.

People dream about working at
CVS and walking around the food aisles and
typing on a computer and calling
their friend and their mom.

Corbin Ross

Poem Addressing Hunters, Age 10

This poem can talk about people
shooting a deer and getting deer
jerky, but they don’t make deer
jerky, but they get another
deer, but they cut it open
to get deer meat off of it,
and it smells really bad, but
when people read it they
are gonna love it because people
like hunting so much.

Keticia Holder

People never dream about

people never dream about pink
purple pandas crying over dead
dreamy flowers! that go crunch
in the fall wind

people always dream about life
and how it is a box of chocolates
in a way where you eat a chocolate
and the chocolates start to disappear
and finally you eat the last chocolate.

Peyton Estep

Westside Elementary School
Hartman, AR
Dates of Visit: November 5 – 6, 2012
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 95
Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca Elms
Visiting Writers: Kevin Corbett, Stefan de la Garza, Willi Goehring, and Rodney Wilhite