Washington County Juvenile Detention Center


To fly and do backflips,
how to drive, and that’s all.

Stanley G.


When I was little I slammed
my sister’s arm in the door by
accident when we were on our
way to the zoo and she started
crying and my mom saw her crying
and she got me in trouble.

Robert P.


Sitting by the fire, the wood crackling,
the water in the distance running downstream.
You and your friends all talking and laughing
while a cool wind blows through your hair.
The sky’s dark, but has many bright stars above.
The only light you have is from the campfire.
No noises of the big city.
Just the wildlife and the sound of you and your friends’ joy.
Smores roasting over the fire for a late night snack.
A cold drink in your hand and stories being told.
Your time will run out,
so enjoy it while you can.

Mason H.


Waking up on a Saturday not having to go to school
or work and being able to sleep all day and relax in my
room just watching movies and eating chips. On my left I see
my dogs at the window and hear them barking so I would go
outside with them. I also hear my sisters screaming in the
living room, playing and running around. The world is a happy place
if you’re staying out of trouble.

Jose G.

Things My Mother Never Taught Me

Something my mother never taught me
was how to have manners. She taught me
how to have manners when I was like 5 years
old. I’m 14 now and I still have manners.
Something my mom never taught me was how to
talk Spanish. I’ve wanted to talk Spanish my
whole life but I could never learn. I’ll understand
a little bit now but I can’t say any words in
Spanish. My relationship with my mom is
good though. Me and my mom get along

Jesse B.


As the sun rises the wet dew
melts, lawnmowers crank, bike bells ring,
& kids yelling run after the music.

Darius C.

Washington County Juvenile Detention Center
Fayetteville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 23 – 24, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Jeane Mack and Brad Norwood
Appx. Number Students Served: 6
Visiting Writers: Katie Nichol, Joe Trimble, and Rodney Wilhite