Hugh Goodwin Academy for the Arts


I opened the fridge and
saw my mom.


My Dog

I am small like a ladybug
I am furry like a bear
I am jumpy like a clown
I am fast like a razorback
I am Maggie’s dog, Ranger

Maggie Toombs

Blond Batman

One day, Batman was almost out
of money, but since he was a
superhero nobody cared
so Batman went in and ate
when it came time to pay, he paid in
pennies. “Oh My! You’re going to
pay me in pennies?”
“Yes,” said Batman. And he left.

Villian Fissue


I am 100 years old
I am living in a dog house
I and my cousin Todd live in a box
I’m the only person who doesn’t know their ABC’s
I’m the only person who talks to a turtle

Zion Wright

The Wounded Dust

One day I was
out on my horse with my bro. Then
we heard a voice calling for help.
We rode in the direction of
the voice. When we finally
got to the spot where the voice came from we
found nothing. Then a bunch of
dust blew across the ground and
made a figure like a man and he
said “help me please.” So we did
even though I knew it was just dust we
had to. He gave us twenty dollars
but I told him to keep it. On
our way home, my brother asked
me why did you tell the man
to keep the money? So I told him
“because he needed it, Gavin.”

Landon Vinson


I am a fridge. I love
holding carrots.

Drake Harper

Hugh Goodwin Academy for the Arts
El Dorado, AR
Dates of Visit: November 8 – 9, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Monica Nash
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 124
Visiting Writers: Jack O’Neal and Josh Peterson