Greenbrier Public Schools


It was pink over there,
but her shadow was gloomy and
gray when following her. My best
friend has a crazy shadow.
When she’s alone or asleep
the shadow runs to her closet
and finds the cutest clothes,
puts them on, and runs out
the door. One night, I followed
it. It went to the basketball
gym and shadows with tuxedos
and dresses had a ball! they saw me and disappeared. I
Went back to my friend’s house
and crawled into bed. I never
saw a shadow ball again.

Maggie Green

Panda’s Dream

Panda’s dream about being
in Denver, walking their mouses,

Walking on a trail
as rough as rocks, but as
smooth as snow.

He finds a cliff as smooth as sand.

He dies of malaria.

He wakes up and
breaks all the windows.

Asa Fox

Come to Branson

Branson looks like a big
maze of metal that is tougher
than iron and the water parks
there have water more blue
than the Atlantic Sea. It smells
like the west coast in the
middle of the fall when the
tide is perfect and the ocean is
blue. It tastes like a single
grain of salt right out of the sea
that has been rained on for
50 days. It feels like sandpaper
rubbed against a dead tree. It
sounds like two cars crashing.

Frank Brantley

Shadow Friend

Invisible girl
Mysterious person
Black lady
Unspeakable woman
Shy kid
Smooth friend

Kyndal Johnston

In Praise of Mops

Mops clean up the mess
that little children make.
They feel so shameful,
all they do is sit there
until a sticky mess gets
made. They stink so bad.
They look so ugly, they feel
gross. You can hear them
being swept across the
floor. Floors, you take away
a mop’s pride.

Hannah Adcock


I am walking Greece. I smell the salty water,
almost able to taste it.
I see an old shriveled-up woman, who seems
to have a voice of man.
As I continue my journey across the strange
country, I see, boulders, big as heaven itself,
tourists bundled up like a colony of ants.
Lastly I think to myself, how do these people
get around on foot, for my heart is about
to explode.

Colton Ray

Greenbrier Public Schools
Greenbrier, AR
Dates of Visit: November 12 – 13, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Robin Clark
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Kaj Anderson-Bauer and David Kinzer