Grace Hill Elementary School


I’m the highest branch
on a tree in a storm.
I’m a muskoxen in the North Pole
in a blizzard. I’m a fish deep
under the sea water.
I’m a yak running
to shelter in a storm. What
are you in a storm?


In My Golden Field

Playing in the field is like a dream
coming true. Dancing and singing
and running are also. Then everything stops.
I could hear a deer in pain…
I got up to it
and set it free from its trap. I follow
it. It goes back to its family.
I was really happy. Hear my dad
calling me, got to go back inside —
that’s when my dreams
open. I know that I can help
animals but I don’t know if they
could help me. Tell me — do you
want to help animals?

Arly Devora


I am a horseshoe trampling the wet grass muddy.
I am a basketball singing on concrete.
I am Mount Rushmore high in the sky.
I am a sailboat sailing the seas.
I am a little table being cleaned.
I am a rid picket fence.


How to do Safe Things During Lightning

Lighting hits tree.
Is the power running off?
Guess the storm is rumbling.
Hiding inside during lightning.
Thunder is shining.
Not going outside during lightning.
Is the blackout really dark?
Not opening windows or doors during lightning.

Going into a safe place during lightning.
Cheering lightning in a storm.
Hearing the sound of lightning.
Eating food in a house during lightning.
At the bed inside during lightning outside.
Running to a closet to hide during lightning.
Is the water strong?
Not playing outside during lightning.
Getting inside before lightning comes.

Luis Perez

Out in Nature

I’m outside in
my front yard with trees
and light green grass.
I’m looking closely at
my friend doing
a trick with a
soccer ball. I don’t
know how to do a
rainbow with a soccer
ball. I do know how
to score a goal
with my head. Tell
me what do you
do out in nature?

Osiris Perez

I am

I am the igloo at the cold cold North Pole.
I am the hot hot sand on the Hawaiian beach.
I am the airplane that takes you anywhere.
I am the bat that flies on Halloween night.
I am the elephant at the wild zoo.
I am the lizard on the rock below you.
I am the lily that you are watering now.
I am the apple you pick off an apple tree.

Audrey Morgan

Grace Hill Elementary School
Rogers, AR
Date of Visit: November 5 – 6, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Jennie Rehl
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 150
Visiting Writers: Jane Blunschi and Corrie Williamson