Eagle Heights Elementary School


Nature is a deer blind.
When I hunt and I bring
my gun, I want to shoot
at something like a deer.
Sometimes when the ground
is wet, I will play in it.
As children we are told
to be careful and look both
ways before crossing the road.

Lillian McCoy

The Ultimate Poem

This poem can destroy enemies
with telekinesis. He eats nails
that smell like dirty socks. When
someone is being picked on, he
will use his telekinesis to pick
the person up and get them away.
When this poem is alone he hides
until he is needed and he
makes weapons.

Jordan Peak


Yellow and squishy, bumpier
than a tree trunk. Sitting on a stem
in the hot sun, wishing for rain
to fall down on it.

Jaida Johnson

Dancing on New Year’s Eve with My Brother

Oh, New Year’s Eve — I can
smell the fireworks bursting
in the air. I can see the
stars and the moon. The grass
is wet. It is pitch-black at
night. I can see a slim cat.
I feel the air in my hands.
And I dance with my brother.

Jada Campbell

Some Rumors Concerning Santa Claus

Santa Claus is
big because he eats a lot of candy.
That is weird because he is supposed
to give the kids candy. He’s not supposed
to eat it. He steals the kids’ candy
by going in their house and taking the
candy. That is very mean of him. He
gives a little boy an x-box but then he
takes it back. Santa Claus goes
home and plays the x-box.

Kiley Maples

On the Occasion of Breaking Dawn, Part 2

It will be a disaster.
You’ll hear people screaming.
People in families lose family
members. Crash! go houses.
A lot of friends have to
leave, like my mom’s friend
named Patsy. She can’t go
home for a month.

Emma Shreve

Eagle Heights Elementary
Harrison, AR
Dates of Visit: November 19 – 20, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Linda Pledger
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Katie Nichol and Josh Brown