Berryville Middle School


A book is an old TV
A book is a wise friend
A book will never stop talking
A book can gather dust quickly
A book can find a home in a library
A book smiles when you open it
A book can leave you hungry for food

Jake Hardin


Roses are no blue.
The sky drank all of it.
The blueberries stole some of it from the sky.
that is why roses aren’t blue
and why there are white spots in the sky.

Cecilia Flores


I’m getting angry
Hulk is strongest one there is
Hulk smash you in ground

Tim McClenathan

Missing Her

Being there for me
Telling me from right or wrong
Going shopping with me
Waiting when she tells a joke I don’t get
Finding out she is moving today
Hoping she will like Missouri too
She thought I would hate her but she’s wrong

Hilary Baker


I used to be a caterpillar
I used to see the world as a big and scary place
I used to be looked down on
I used to lock myself away in a cocoon
I used to hid in corners away from people

Now I am a butterfly
I explore the world with open eyes
I am looked up on
I am colorful and bright
I stepped out of the darkness
I stepped into the light

Lanitra Webb

My Monster

Creeping and slurring slowing from beneath.
As quiet as a mouse, as clear as the sky.
His voice so vague, yet makes my hairs stand tall.

I think I hear worry calling my name.
But I choose not to listen or obey.
Maybe, paranoia is just in my head
Maybe, paranoia is under my bed
I close my tight and strong
But then I see his eyes so red.
The flares in his eyes make my eyes jump open.
But then I see him.
Standing above me, hypnotizing me
And now I understand so clearly
I’m his slave forever

Victorya Knight

Berryville Middle School
Berryville, AR
Dates of Visit: October 4 – 5, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Heather Zaloudek
Grade Level: 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 120
Visiting Writers: Stu Dearnley, Hung Pham