Cooper Elementary School

The Smoldering Blob Fish

I sleep at the bottom of the
beautiful horizon waters. I wake
with a droopy face always looking
and smelling the salt in the
Waters. I touch the bottom of
the earth’s crust, swimming down
to the sea’s bottom, rubbing
my bloated body against the
smooth part of the rock.
I look like a soft pillow
being punched together before
Being loaded on by my owner. I
can taste the saltiness of
southing ocean when I open
my mouth to eat my chump.

Joe Cavness

Ode to Beau

Big beady eyes
looking out of
the tall black
cage a big white,
gold, and black
Bernese mountain
dog  staring at me
waiting to come
out. Maybe Mom
wouldn’t mind
letting my little
boau boau bear
out of his prison
cage. Big floppy
ears flopping
up and down
while running
to lick my
face. Sticky
saliva on
my face
but that’s
all right
I love

Reagan Nielson

Last Ode to Apples

I nibbled on my sweet
apple, then it nibbled back. I felt
it on my toes, then on my knees,
I felt it to my chest, hands, arms.
Then suddenly, it ate my
head in one fast bite. The
next day it ate my old cat Dan.

Isla Walker

The bulls fight

My dark sharp hooves kick dust in
the heavy thick air like a black hole
causing destruction on the surface of
a planet. The matador’s piercing
stare lock on to me. I charge
as my twisting horns lock around
his fleshy torso. I could smell the
dry blood in the air as if it was
the matador’s own fate.
I know that the fate will eventually

Toby Taylor

The Sea Turtle Run

I glaze through deep, dark ocean
My hard shell is a shield
Made of unbiteable bone,
The huge best of a tiger shark
Carves into my shell.
A feeling of sharp pain roars
Like on a big hairy cougar!
The pain comes again,
The light dissolving into
Whole of darkness.

Marissa Closter

Sir White

A yellow cat lay
                          on a throne
of yarn.
              He had no line of fun
nor boredom.
                      Every day there was no
reason to leave his chair.
                                       But today
was the day he would.
                                    He jumped
out of his chair and stepped
out the door.
                    But there was nothing.
He was very wary.
                              Angry he said
“I’d rather be bored, or a statue then
Wander around in nothing but white.
So instead of a chair, he now sat
     on a stair, the one up to
             his very throne.

Collin Maize

The Shiny Fish

I am a shiny scaled blue fish lighting
up the sea and making it bright
like a bright sunday morning at
california. Meeting many friends
and lighting up my day in the
sea. That is why I’m very happy
with my fish friends.

Sam Brand  

The Wolf

as the sun is as bright
as a headlight, my straw roof about
to collapse seeing the wolf out
my tiny window using all his power
on my brothers hoping there is none
left for me and my house
will stand above the rest

Bailey Baldridge

A Poem

A poem is a star
A poem is Poseidon
in the Lost City of Atlantis
A poem is a tree
A poem is an airplane
A poem is a boat
in a vast ocean

Carter Close


a poem is a black cat in the night
a poem is cool water flowing in the small stream
a poem is a floating stick in the current
a poem is
a razor sharp blade
cutting the wind
a poem is
a clump of
dripping and
oozing down
your hand
a poem is
a dead leaf
dropping from
a tree

Kade Parr

Cooper Elementary School
Bella Vista, AR
Dates of Visit: February 21 – 22, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Christina Hallwachs
Grade Levels: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 310
Visiting Writers: David Brunson, Samuel Binns, Kate Davis, Alys Dutton