Farmington Middle School


Sharp, huge, scary
Mountain lions, mountain goats, wolves
I wish that the mountains were purple

Jolie Scott

Happiness is a Door

On the other side is a sad butterfly.
When the door opens the happiness runs away.
And why the butterfly is sad is because he lost
his sock.
So the sad butterfly opened the door and
became the happiness.

Lauren Kaderly

What am I

I focus on the world to
capture family memories.
I shine a light and close
my shutters with a snap
to put in newspapers for
others to see. I zoom in 
on a crocodile to avoid
being snatched for the
science book of crocodiles.
My lens differs on the
subject and the light.
I would make a whirr if
I was old and out would
pop the white film to shake
hoping for a memory.

Molly Pendergraft


It is cold and white and it is soft
and it can also be wet and it can
be in the sky and soar around like a 
fly yes i love the cold and i like
to play in snow and i wish it was
every day and yes it is winter.

Luke Bowen

Ode to the flat basketball!

The flat basketball sits on the crate
waiting for that special someone
to come and pick it up and
shoot with it.
but that never happens,
the ball is left there
screaming for help like a 
baby crying for its mom,
like a dog whining to go
outside for a walk,
the basketball waits all 
day just like you wait in
the dentist’s office.
he tries to knock himself
off but the flat part
won’t move,
he’s stuck forever
But then that special someone
came and aired him up
and now he looks great
playing basketball looking
like he’s having loads of 
fun with the kids.

Mallorie Houghland

I Want to Plant

I want to plant, some
will say, but I will
insist. I plant 
sage, for my
sister’s name. I
plant daisies
for the sun’s shine,
I plant
lavender for smell,
and for the
color of sweaters
in fall.

Nora Cater

The Beach

the beach is a huge glass of 
water waiting to be poured
the beach is a mixture of salt
and water
the beach is a home to many
the beach is a home to creatures that
can’t leave
the beach is a peaceful place
to go to
the beach is a huge puddle
the beach is a place where when
you hear the waves crashing
all your worries fall apart.

Olivia Kephart

Florida in the Summer

going to the beach
it is hot and rainy
the water is cold
The sun is hot
The smells of the trees
going to Disney
getting souvenirs
getting in the lake
playing in the tree house
The sand is hot
my feet are hot
sweat dripping down my face

Addy Harrison


“Today is Mr. Bright’s birthday on a
Saturday, so we are going to have it at a 
colorful rainbow,” said Mrs. Bright. Mr. Bright
loves bright and colorful. but, there
was no rain at all and it was cloudy.
So the baboon ate a donkey and 
the pickle had a baby. They
brought out a leprechaun and he turned 
into a seed to grow a rainbow.
Mr. Bright’s birthday was successful.

Blayden Redding

Summer in August

I like August best
because my birthday gives
me a new number
The hot summer August sun
beats down on the ground
The sound of boats splashing
in the water the smell of
fresh BBQ ribs. Ugh
now school starts

Brenner Watkins

The amazing northern lights

January, January
it’s the very best I
want to go north
and see the very magical Lights
in the sky the booming colors
and crackly fire I can’t
wait to go watch on a 
cold night in January, January.

Laney Relph

My Grand Garden

I’m going to make a garden
it’s going to have some
moon plants so that it’s
still pretty while I’m sleeping
I will plant a coconut
tree because it reminds
me of Jamaica oh the
smell of Lavender it 
rocks me to sleep and
the cherry tomatoes
they are so amazing
and delicious I also
want some coffee
bean plants so that
when my Grandparents
come they can have
some freshly brewed
no creamer black coffee.

Laney Relph

My ice cream family

My ice cream family
strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, too
some in cups
some in cones
we all begin to melt away
rolling on this concrete floor

Avery Johnson

Books never shout

the book that
you read doesn’t
shout the
words at
you have
to shout them
to your head
so you know
what they

Lucas Byler


Every time you crawl all I hear
is meep-morp, every time you cry
an ear splitting cry, I am glad you have
a mute button. Every time you laugh
that adorable laugh, I am glad you
have an unmute button. You leave 
robot stains everywhere like you
just don’t care.

Emma Pirtle

Robo Lorlei

She cries with robotic
tears. I love with real
emotion while she loves
with computer action. It’s 
hard to have compassion
from a robot. She
stinks because water burns
her third degree. I 
wish I had a human

Sara McCoy

The Roller Coaster

We were on a rollercoaster.
It was very fast.
It went thru water.
It soaked us.
We were very wet.
It was really cold.
We froze that night.
I regretted my decision.

Jadon Davidson


I sit down.
smiling with my teeth.
A big camera pointing at me.
lights shining in my eyes.
The lady moves my head.
She fixed my hair.
I don’t like pictures.
3, 2, 1 the camera flashed.
my head pounding.
I stood and went back.

Gracie Hill


I am driving to Mcdonkers to get
a Whoppee so I walk in and smell fried
and ask the employee for a Whoppee
and tells me, this is Mcdonkers not
Kurger Bing, then I walk outside and cry
out, my Whoppee, then someone walks by
with a Whoppee so I steal it, now it is my

Wesley Green

Ode to Clocks

Why do you go tic-toc all day long
It gets annoying and creepy at times
Why do you go tic-toc all day long

Jadence Patterson


The room smelled
like gas from my
Dad coming home
I saw nothing

Lilly Bombagi

Farmington Middle School
Farmington, AR
Dates of Visit: November 11-12, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Ginny Luther
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 150
Visiting Writers: Samantha Kirby, Sidney Thomas, Ryan Chamberlain, Joy Clark, Scot Langland, Steven Rybnicek, Claire Pincumbe, Mackenzie McGee