Norfork High School

The Water

It’s everywhere. The water is seeping through the walls.
The lights are cascading waves along the floor. Outside
its flooded. As the wind blows, what was once grass now
crashes in waves. The trees are raining and the dog leaves
a trail of water behind him. Amand, we miss you.

Colby Sallee

Roaring Motorcycle

I turn on my ancient TV, its sound is
that of a roaring motorcycle. The washer is running
in the laundry room, screaming the sound of a
roaring motorcycle. I turn to my usual channel,
but the actors voices are just the sound of a roaring
motorcycle. I notice a bird out of my window, as it
begins to chirp, but it lets out a mighty roar,
much like that of a rumbling motorcycle. I
see its tail twitch, and it reminds me of how
the loud pipes of your motorcycle would do the
same. Suddenly thirsty, I get up to get some
water. The floorboards creak, but all I hear
is the loud engine of your motorcycle. As
I pass through the living room, I see my old
bicycle I had as a kid. All of a sudden,
it rumbles, and I hear the sweet sound of
your roaring motorcycle. I continue into the
kitchen, and grab a glass from the cabinet. It
clinks, but all I hear is the loud, deafening rumble
of your motorcycle. Oh dad, how I miss you greatly.

Dakota Reeves

Still Life

Boy with Iron
Boy with red oil
Boy with fire breathing internal oxygen
Boy with strong grip and rotating wrist
Boy with a burning desire
Boy with a soft round sharp blade
Boy with fire achieving perfection with every degree
Boy with dripping sweat into detail
Boy with a heart and passion

Cole Light

Still Life

Girl with messy hair
Girl with smeared makeup
Girl with a cup
Girl with a want
Girl with the desire to wake up

McKenna Beck

Uncle Chad

My cup is filled with coffee
Coffee everywhere
The trees are growing coffee
From the coffee that’s coming
down from the clouds
Onto the cars that run off
of coffee
And people on their way to go get more coffee
To start their day of drinking
coffee all day
Just like you did
     I miss you Uncle Chad.

Tristan Massey

The Hog that Got Away

A twig snapped,
the verious grunt,
my dog barks in the distance,
mean wild hog throws his head up,
poof it’s gone.

Hayden Acklin


sitting, tickled
swirled, glistened, flying smoothly
white, black wings
size of a leaf
long legs, no feet
          laying upon me
whispering wind
black eyes,
thoughtful time
no limit

Indigo Bennett

Listlessness is a Door

Listlessness is a door
on the other side are clouds
      these clouds
are just like any other clouds
on the other side is nature,
clouds, the sun, and everything
else in life.
             those clouds
               the sun
                   and everything else
are perfectly normal
     nothing strange
       nothing odd
        and nothing interesting
because the best way to describe listlessness
          is nothing
And if there was a door
            you wouldn’t see it.

Daniel Markell

Why is Everything a Paintbrush?

The window is a paintbrush
transparent but distorted
feet are single
horsehairs, sliding
against the ground
The street
is a canvas
that would be painted 
twice as fast
if you hadn’t left


Becoming a Song Bird

My fingers graze the songbird’s delicate
Freedom washes over me
My nose brushes its beak
It still sings joyful tunes even when
enclosed, resounding hope
The tiny pattering of its head
and anxiety floods
There’s so much the bird
keeps hidden
Things aren’t as delightful as
they seem

Katy Richard

Three Ways of Looking at Basketball

Basketball is like an orange;
round and good for you;
Basketball is like a fresh breeze
in a cold, soundless night;
Basketball is like money; 
something you cannot resist

Kiley Alman


Horses graze in pasture, thunder is hooves
pounding up above.
Rain hitting the ground is a herd of mustangs,
dark clouds are manes flowing in the breeze.
Wind is dust flying behind them, the strong
whip of a tail.
Darkening sky is strong back and bulging
muscles, they can be so intimidating.
Leaves blowing across the wet ground
are the new colts of the fall bouncing around.
Trailers leave hoof prints in the mud
Dogs running are horses bucking on the 
first cool day.
We miss you, Mom.
Without you,
I do not know how to do this.

Avery Stacy

The Stars Sparkle at Night

and so does the sun in a glamorous way
the high school hallways sparkles still 
where me and you walked before
the band room door sparkles
where you play your instrument
inside, the piano sparkles where me and you
played a melody
the outside concrete sparkles
where there we sat eating lunch
the tree we carved our initials on
every time I cross this tree, I find myself
with a tear filling up my eye
the grass sparkles where we stood to kiss
Oh Sunnydale, I miss you so much
we don’t sparkles anymore
but everything around me has
so here we are
spark-less without each other.


Norfork High School
Norfork, AR
Dates of Visit: October 8-9, 2019
Faculty Sponsor: Stacey Havner
Grade Levels: 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 105
Visiting Writers: Claire Pincumbe, Mackenzie McGee, Samantha Kirby, Alys Dutton