Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative


One day, like any other day, Tiffany came to me with
her hand behind her back. Then she pulled out
a pair of shoes from behind her. They were
boots that were the most prettiest shoes I
had ever seen. I took off my white tennis
shoes and put the beautiful boots on. I wore
them everywhere like they were my prized
possession. Every day when I got home from
school I washed them. I wore them everywhere!
If you have shoes or your friend is nice
enough to give anything, be grateful
because you could lose them at any time!

Madilyn Westbrook 


I’m on all fours
I wear a layer of fur
different colors
I am related to an animal that howls into the night
I can be small or big
my fur can be curly or straight long or short
some people keep us as pets
sometimes we don’t get along with cats
we like to chase cats too
our owners take us for walks outside
What am I?

Amelia Reynolds

Ode to my Christ Jesus

My God, you bring me a savior as yourself standing here. You’re my rusty shield. I have used you and kept you near all my life. Forever you stay with me, constantly catching me when I fall. You strengthen me, my God. You’ve been here by my side through all my life you protect me you will never forsake me, my God. You are my shelter, and my hard rock. I will stand my ground and never turn away from you throughout my life. I love you, O’ God, you keep me warm on cold nights. You help me in my troubles. “For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son to die on the cross, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16. I will always love you, my God. Never do I plan to praise anyone or anything more than I praise you, nor do I plan to turn my back against you all throughout my life.

Karsyn Uekman 

Ode to my cat

Purring like birds twerping
in the air, the cat is as beautiful
as snow moving around, getting
pushed by the wind, swirling
in circles. Every night
she purrs so loudly and so
beautifully it sounds like she
is saying, come get me, come
pick and wrap me up
like a baby and pet
me as I am as soft as a
blanket. When you’re getting
covered up by your dad,
that cat will never leave
your heart, her purring helps
the flowers bloom and shine
bright just like the sun

Bodey Elder

Ode to My School 

I love my school, all is nice there, nothing compares
every time I go there. Hey, say, it’s okay when you
mess up, never give up on your side,
they give something you can’t divide. There,
awesomeness is always in a good way. It’s something
I love every day. They stay as pure as a heart
can be, they always teach us good things you can
be! Nothing compares to the way they are there for us
every day. Everything we do good makes them smile,
because it’s not something they expect. They warm our hearts
every day by doing something precious in their way!
They’re like something that cheers you up in
your way, they make an adventure
every day. They’re like an atmosphere that can’t
disappear, they’re inseparable that I stay and appear, there
is nothing that generous. Like air, our teacher
like a glitzing star under the night sky. I love my teachers,
that’s why!

Paige Hood

The Dog

Brown, black, gray, white
Furry, fluffy, long hair, short hair,
Big, small,
Could be a pet
Could bite
Some play
Some lay
Some wine
Some hide
Some die
Some mean, some nice
Some mistaken
And some like bacon

Spencer Allison


Small and fluffy
soft and strong
it eats and eats
then it falls into
your arms. Then, you
realize, you are gone.
It’s dark like the
midnight sky. Then
it comes to say “Hi.”

Olivia Folks


My deep, dark eyes are endless,
so deep that you could drown. My fur is as
soft as silk. My ears can
hear every sound. My
pouch carries the dreams that
you dream; the trees I climb
are tall. Koalas are loved around
the world, and might bring joy
to all.

Sydney Yarbrough

The Quest for the Golden Dragon

The rooster crows.
The smell of dew floats through the air.
We set off to find the golden dragon in the golden peaks
and darkening forest.
We wonder into a cave behind the waterfall,
but all we find is an egg of gold.
I snatch it up and put it in my backpack.
As I walk out, I hear wingbeats,
so I hide in a tree.
By the time the dragon flies over,
I start for my village,
go to my ship and prepare for my voyage.

Maddox Brantley

Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative
Plumerville, AR
Dates of Visit: November 12-13
Faculty Sponsor: Candace Smith
Grade Levels: 5-6
Appx. Number of Students Served: 160
Visiting Writers: Vasantha Sambamurti, Audrey Scrafford, Kristin Entler, Shalini Rana